A Porcelain Execution


Dream big Dream Wild. Is the motto in the eyes of August Hartfeild. One day after another he'd lived in hopes of something new something fresh to blow over his destructive past. But in reality his past continues to discontinue his present. Until he meets her.


The night of Sammie's thrive of escaption she wakes up the next morning in utter disregard from the night before. So when she returns to her new school 3 months later with August in full remembrance, she begins to fall for the guy that was the reason she got home the next day.

What happens when the feelings he has for his escape plan from life, don't come as an equal portion from its receiver.

This is a Tasha Muaah (Aundrea Gibbons) story. Any reproduction of this story and/or transcripts, ideas, character(s), etc. will result in punishable consequences and prosecution in violation of copyright by law. Please don't make any republication a of this without MY permission.
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1. Prologue

Feeling the hotness of the end of summer is like eating a Tootsie Pop. You feel the sticky sweet goodness of the candy and then you get to the chocolate. Its bitter but rare. The kind of sudden taste change that only someone with experience are used to. And those who aren't want to spit it out but look like a sissy when they do. But when you finally swallow it down, even though you badly wished it was a blow pop with a bubble gum middle, you eat another one in hopes of the yummy sticky sweet taste of candy .

With that being said, the ending of summer still sucked even though I've been through it numerous times. 17 to be exact with every time wishing I had choose another ending (Candy Middle) . For example ending it knowing I did something useful with my summer. Like: helping the homeless, making out with some guys hot mom, seeing all my teachers from last year and throwing them the bird, Or even crashing a party not being the butt wad I'd spent my previous summers being. But instead I spent it playing a year old Call of Duty, eating Several bags of stale chips, and a 12 o'clock shadow.

The question was, why was I, August Hartfield still dreading the end of summer when I had the power to make it worth wild?

That was the thing, because I did do something this summer. Something completely amazing and charismatic but so stupid at the same time it should've been posted somewhere like the worlds dumbest jackasses. I made out with The one girl in this town that thought she had me all figured out. She was the one thing that could make me change my ways this year with legs that went on for days.

I kissed Sammie Carter.




Everyday of every week I spent most of my day at school. I'd tap my pencil against my creaking wooden desk until one of the gum popping blondes would scream in annoyance so hard there face would glow redder than the fake tans they over did.

Just like everyday of those every weeks I'd walk through the barely air conditioned hallways ignoring the sounds of the cluttered teenagers and out into the slowly breezing air. I'd be lying if I'd started this off complaining about how bad my life sucked and that nobody liked me and I couldn't get laid by a girl to save my life. See lies. I just always felt I'd been brought here for a greater thing and until the day I found it all these others things meant nothing. Until the day I made out with Sammie Carter.

The day we returned back from the weekend break wasn't anything new to the plenty days I wasted at school. Until, Sammie Carter walked through the doors of my Pre Algebra II class. At first this was nothing new either. Lots of girls people would transfer in and out of this school. All the same Until I saw her perfect but mentally damaged face.

Three months ago...

I'd slowly walked into the summer break bash mansion house of one of the jocks that fathered our school. Everyone grouped together in sync. All baggage together in the living room floor where a modern coach looked like it had once been.

These people enjoyed these parties. You know those ones when you downed two bottles of beer for the first time in hopes of breaking the little field of being cool, and being stupid. When ever you first stomach alcohol you don't do it because someone basically shoved it down your throat. You did it in the movement of escaption. Escaping the peer pressure, the settleness, the gracefulness in such a chaotic environment, or even escaption of the free world. And that was how everyone in this filled room full of sweat , booze, bodies, and tongue motions did.

In my opinion the music sucked. The smell was horrific, and just the movement of random bodies against mine was enough to throw up. I know what you think, "If this guy hates parties so much, why was he here?" This was indeed my escaption. If I didn't go out every once in awhile, I'd loose my mark in this society. Along with my group of friends...Or associates is a better term.

"C'mon Danny boy. We gotta find you a broad to take home." My friend Joseph said. His muscular elbow and forearm nudged against my slightly bony side. I was very slinky and tall. But not precisely bony. When ever you're as tall as I am standing at almost 6' feet none of your body weight appears. Well, unless you eat like a deranged mutt with rabies.

Compared to Joseph, I was a high tide to a tsunami. He was bigger and buffer, kind of meaty around the stomach area. He nodded up towards a girl slipping up the staircase stag. "Everyone's been trying to get at her all night. I think you might be the lucky guy." He grunted with a smile dashed against his face.

So I did. I threaded through the crowd following the petite figure I had seen move up the stairs. This house was big but, with it being filled with vicious drunken teens from both our school and several ones in other districts, it was crowded. When I finally reached the top of the stairs I saw the light from a room seem to flicker but not light switch flicker. More like those little knobs you can adjust at fancy hotels flicker. My hand wrapped against the door knob entering the semi dark candle lit room.

"Are you okay?" I questioned watching the figure's long black hair blend against her outfit as she gazed out of the window. She quickly turned as her eyes grew as wide as the Nile with her pupil even spunkier with the glow from the candle illuminating it.

"Does a hit dog bark?" She questioned turning her head to the side. Her skin laid against her face in replication of milken cream waiting to be touched. As if it had been given to her as a gift to give to someone that would maintain it to its original package. And I wanted to be the receiver.

"Not if it's dead." I croaked out. The way her lips slightly parted when she wanted to say something but didn't was the cutest thing ever. Instead, she just barely gleamed a halved smile. One of those smiles that are given when someone spent their life putting on a fake smile and didn't know the difference between a real one and a fake one anymore.

"I'm not dead am I?" She snickered moving closer towards my gawky body. Between the heat from the candle and the heat she probably didn't even know she was giving off on me, I could feel myself overheating.

I wanted to question her being up here alone until I saw the second lit candle. "Why are you up here?" I spoke but after it left my mouth I'd realized that normal guys my age wanted girls to be up stairs, at a party, alone, with them, in the semi-dark.

"Why are you up here?" She said sitting the candle back down.

"Why are you answering a question with a question. The originality of that died along time ago with the practice of socratelogical study." I stated.

"Socratelogical isn't a word." She said with her eyes finally meeting mine. They seemed off somewhere even though I was certain she was looking at me. It was as if she had that special look that an attorney had when they could see past you, and your lies. Like she saw a part of me I was yet to touch

"Ah Ha!" I said breaking a smile slowly. She squinted her what looked like blue eyes up at me. She was tall to be a girl, But in the sexist way. She was tall enough to reach my shoulders. While I sat there pondering about how long her legs appeared in that conservative dress, she drew even closer to me.

"Why am I drunk?" She question resting her hand on my shoulder as she was beginning to loose her balance.

"The same reason people kill themselves... They felt like it." And as it left my mouth my words were replaced by her soft and loving lips. Her top lips wedged between my top and bottom one; just as her eyes closed and for someone reason out of impulsion, mine did too. My hand rose up to her cheeks and I caressed her softer then life skin that was also a creamy milked color. Her skin was just like I had imagined when I'd seen her move up those stairs.

This was far from the first time I'd kissed a girl; Therefore, I had no idea why I was so attracted to hers. Her kiss that is. Especially considering she was obviously drunken from the way she'd fumbled with my shirt. So, being the stupid guy I was, I moved my hands from her face to her hands keeping them from doing anymore then she'd later regret.

Our heads moved together in a war between the line of pulling back and the line of her tongue in my mouth. And soon as any other, I allowed her what she wanted. Of course I didn't wish to stop but I'd never been the type to urge someone intoxicated into something like this. Until my body begun to feel non-existence from how her soft tongue begun to guide against my bottom lip.

From there all my self restrant was gone and I let go of her hand and wandered mine to the groove of her back. Her skin was like how everyone imagined a cloud would be. Gentle, Pacient, but very irresistable. And as her tongue, as sweet as ever, collided with mine I'd been taken away. Away from the candle, the party, my summer, the world. Her tongue possessed the rare taste of strawberries and vodka with a hint of her speariment lip gloss that blew both me and my feel of life away. Until she said 'it'.

"Oh how I'd love to continue.. but, I--"

"Sammie!" a female voice called coming close to the door.

"You have to go?" I questioned stupidly. She only nodded letting go of me.

"What's your name?" I asked. Usually you'd ask the name before you started making out with someone.

"Samme, Sammie Carter. But don't try to hunt me down. Okay, A Million Questions?" She said moving out of the room, leaving me alone with these damned burning candles.

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