The Way To Start A Year

Lily has gone to Auckland, to spent New year's with her friends Asha, Merry, Hermione, George and Sharlot...


4. Resolutions

Once we had eaten, George, Merry, Asha and I went down into the crater. As we were climbing down, I tripped and started rolling down. George started rolling as well. Soon we were all rolling down, laughing and shouting. Sometimes we met and got tangled. We all stopped at the bottom in a heap, dying of laughter. It was a few minutes before we regained enough control to get off each other. At the top, on the flat strip of grass, Hermione was laughing at us and Sharlot was looking slightly disapproving of George being on top of me. Her face made us crack up even more.

After we had finished laughing, we sat in a circle, and went round the circle, saying our New Year's resolutions.

Asha started.

"This year I'm going to learn not to shout at people so often."

We all laughed. she is the youngest out of us, and the feistiest.

I was next.

"This year I'm going to spend more time practising drama."


"This year to spend more time with my sister."

George was last.

"This year, I'm going to ask a girl out." He said looking strait at me. "And if you don't mind, I would like to do it now. Lily, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Umm, I suppose." I smiled. I reached over and hugged him, and he pulled me onto his lap. We sat like this for the rest of our time in the crater. There were many more rounds of resolutions, occasanally they made us sad, sometimes they made us die of laughter, sometimes we didn't care. But sitting there, in the crater, on George's lap, I began to get the feeling that this year was going to be pretty cool.  

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