Harry Styles' Secret

There are some things about me that no one knows. There are some things about me that I don't know. What happens when I find out I'm not who people think I am? My name is Harry Styles; I got thousands of fans, and one secret.


9. Shut up, jackass

"No need to be rude, Harry", Louis said, a little embarrassed.
"And you", I said, turning myself to look at him. "Are you crazy or something?"
"Easy, Harry", Zayn said.
"No, you guys go to hell with the easy thing. Louis, have you forgot what she's done to you?"
"We're over it." he asnwered.
"You're just being dumb".
"No, you're beeing a dumb when you can't see what is right in front of your eyes. You're beeing a dumb when you took me for granted. You're stupid, because all you care about is yourself. I can't handle your shit anymore, Harry. So back the fuck off, and let me live my freaking life".
By the time Louis stopped talking, everyone was shocked. Inclunding me. Louis was not the kind of guy who is rude to people. Actually, he's the most sweet person I've ever seen. 
I sighed.
"Do you want me to back off? Okay, I will. But if you and I never come back to be friends again, you can blame on your little slut girlfriend." After I said that, I went to my room. "Fuck you, Eleanor.", I yelled.
Less than a minute later, Louis entered my room really mad. He slammed the door behind him and glared at me. 
"Who the hell you think you are to talk like this to her?"
"I'm your friend, dammit!"
"No, you're not my friend. I don't want someone so selfish as a friend."
I laughed.
"So I'm the selfish one in here? No, I'm not! I'm not the one who told you I was in love with you, because I know that if I had, I would totally fuck your freaking mind!"
"So you're blaming me for being in love with you? Blame yourself, blame your curly hair and this ridiculous smile on your face."
I was speechless. I was done fighting Louis. I was done with all this mess. After some moments, I realised Louis was staring at me, but I couldn't see anger on his face.
"If you're waiting for me to apologize, you're just wasting your time", I said.
"Shut up, jackass", he answered me as he walked until me. And then he kissed me. Nothing gently, nothing soft.
To my surprise, I saw myself kissing him back.

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