Harry Styles' Secret

There are some things about me that no one knows. There are some things about me that I don't know. What happens when I find out I'm not who people think I am? My name is Harry Styles; I got thousands of fans, and one secret.


1. I Love You

"I love you", he said, looking ashamed.

These were Louis Tomlinson's words for me, Harry Styles. I, finding everything quite awkward said:
"I love you too, mate. We're like brothers."
He suddenly seemed angry.
"No, we're not like brothers. I'm here, saying I love you, and all you say is that we are like brothers?"
"I'm not following, Lou." I said, really confused.
He sighed.
"You're not following because you don't wanna see the truth, Hazza."
"What truth?" I asked, feeling my heart starting beating faster.
"The truth is that you love me back."
Then I realised he was actually serious. I laughed.
"You're crazy! Is this a prank show or something? " I yelled, turning around to find the hiding cameras. "Okay, guys, that's enough for today."
Louis smiled.
"This is not a joke, Hazza. This is the truth."
Before I could say anything, Louis came closer to me and kissed me. I got paralised and scared. I really couldn't move. But something inside of me lighted up.
"Do you believe me now?" He asked, smiling gently.

Then I remembered I should start breathing again.

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