JinxNova666's CreepyPasta Stories

Gather around children and let's read from little murderous JinxNova666, Death stories.

Not about slashers nor about aliens or predators. Not your average demon possession or basic murder. But about a very special hand full of murders and creatures from beyond.


(-Your- favorite Pastas put into -my- view... And maybe a couple of original Pastas.)


1. Bad Night to go out~ Pt.1


//Some girls like to go out, Others do not, and whether Destiny blesses you with a lucky night is up to her.//


The whistles of the dark chilling wind shivered Amy as she stumbled through the duly light streets. Holding her bleeding arm she struggled just to keep her balance. All she could think was

“Move… Just, keep moving!”

It hurt just to think what had happened. It all happened too fast and the images left were too brutally to think of.

Her hair was mangled and knotted. It couldn't even stay in the bun she put it in early that night. Mascara ran down leaving a trail of black down her face. Blood leaked from the wound on her upper arm soaking that part of her trench coat. It ran down her arm to her fingertips. Slowly dripping each pace she made. Leaving behind a trail of blood.

Felt as if someone was following her, and then she began to hear footsteps. But she was too woozy to make out where they were coming from. Whether it was who she thought it was or an illusion of pure paranoia, she didn’t want to take the risk, so she turned sharply into an ally.

The footsteps drew closer and closer. Now all she could think was

"Hide, HIDE!"

She quickly hid behind a dumpster. Throwing herself down to the ground and hit the wall on her bad arm. She exclaim the first syllable of what she would say in immense pain, but She quickly bit her lip stopping herself. She sat down with her back to the brick wall. By the time she turned around a shadow blocking the light of the street lamps.

“I know you’re here...” The Figure sang with his naturally raspy voice.

His voice was still young just, beaten up was the first word that came to Amy’s mind. She quickly put her hand over her mouth to muffle her panting. She could see the shadow; it looked as if he was feeling the ground.

“This looks like it hurt.-” He said.

He would bring his hand back up.

“This bastards having sympathy, NOW!” she thought to herself.

“Why don’t I make that pain go away” he continence with a slight snicker after his words.

He than stood up, stretching and cracking his back and neck

“I’ll count to 5, kid, and if you don’t come out….-” He stopped and chuckled a bit.

“Well, you don’t wanna know what’ll happen.”

Thoughts raced through her mind.

“One,” He began.

“OH CRAP!” she thought.

“What do I do, what do I do” she continued her thoughts.

“Twoooo” He dragged on as he took a few steps, holding up something in his hand.

“Think Amy thin-” she cut herself off and felt her trench coat pockets.

“The gun!”

“Three.” He continued to list, his steps more of a shuffle that he could resist with his little game of counting he played.

She took the gun out and checked it. It was only one of those small guns like you see in those movies where it’s stuffed up the girl's ball gown or something.

“4… You better get ready.” He twitched.

She closed her eyes and moved her lips as if she was praying. She quickly checked the chamber.

“4 and a haaalf. Come on now.” The tone was still playful, but Impatient.

“TWO!” she thought

“Just two god da-” she stopped her thought, thinking god could be her only chance to get out of this situation. She closed her eyes and rested her head against the cold brick wall.


Without thought she threw herself out into the ally pointing the gun at him and interrupting him, Before he could say anything she stuttered out,

“S-stay right there, I-I know how to use this!”

“kinda.” she then thought to herself

You could hear how nervous Amy was, with the clanking noise of the shaking gun.

“You're bluffing, A girl like you probably can’t shoot worth shit.” the man frowned but said with confidence.

“I-I…-” Amy stuttered

“Now, drop it.” the man said with haste. “ I want to see your pained face, Not wanna have to quickly kill you outta self-defense.”

He began to walk towards her. She shuffled back. The man continued as he quickly began to pick up the pace. Quicker and quicker. Without thought Amy fired the gun. He stopped.

“Little off don’t cha' think.” he chuckled and looks towards the direction she shot, then looking back towards her.

He continued his pace. That then suddenly changed to a full on charge. She stumbled, back hitting the brick wall at the end of the ally. She then gripped the end of the sleeves of her coat. Turning her head and closing her eyes. she let out a small shriek, but the blade came to quickly hitting her neck, cutting her off, in fear...


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