Just A Crush? (Trevor Moran Facfic)


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Trevor's POV:

I'm glad that I picked a horror movie to watch. Kenzie was on me the entire time. I don't think she realized that my little monster came out to play (if you don't understand what that means then you are too young to be reading this fanfic.) She was basically on my lap...how could it not?! Well I hope its not noticeable..


Kenzie's POV:

As we were watching the movie I was on Trevor's lap, then I felt something hard hit the inner part of my thigh. I started to blush. The movie ended and it was all dark in the house. I wonder why my mom and sister aren't home yet. "Trevor i'll be right back i'm just going to call my mom to see if everything is alright." I said. "Ok, take your time" Trevor said with a smile. 

"Hello mom?

"Yes dear?"

"Are you going to be coming home soon? Is everything alright?"

"Oh yes, everything is just fine. But I do have to go out of town for 2 weeks, I am so sorry that this is so last minute but this is very important. Gracie is going to be staying at a friends house. Will you be alright staying home alone?"

"oh..yeah. I'll be fine. Oh and uhm...would it be alright if a friend stayed with me. You know, so I wouldn't be all lonely?"

"Hmm...fine I suppose. I'll see you in two weeks. I love you bye"

"I love you too"

After I hung up the phone I walked over to Trevor. "What happened? Is everything ok?" Trevor asked me. "Yeah everything is fine. But my mom will be out of town for two weeks, last minute for work and my little sister Gracie will be staying at a friends house. So i'll be home alone. My mom said it would be ok if a friend stayed over with me.." I began to say but Trevor cut me off "I'd love to stay with you" and he flashed his perfect smile. "I'll be right back. I'm just going to get some clothes and stuff ill be back in 15." Trevor said. "Alright i'll see you then"

Trevor's POV:

I started to walk home. My parents went on vacation for 3 weeks so this will be perfect. I started rummaging through all of my things, trying to find something to pack. I came across a box of condoms..should I bring some just incase? No. No. We are too young. I just met her..but maybe.. No. Trevor. NO. I ended up putting two condoms in my bag just incase things lead in that direction... i'll be prepared. I got all of my clothes, tooth brush and tooth paste, hair brush, laptop, camera, phone, and a couple of movies. I think that should be good enough. I started to head back to Kenzie's house and I went upstairs to find her. I opened her door and I see her in her bra and underwear. "Oh my god Kenzie i'm so sorry..i didn't know. Oh my god i'm so sorry" I said. "Trevor it's fine, at least i'm wearing something." she laughed. I could feel myself starting to blush. I noticed that my eyes started to wonder.... "TREVOR!" She slapped me with her shirt. She giggled, "Stop starring..your making me feel fat" she said. How could she ever think that she was fat. She was beautiful. "Your not fat, your beautiful" And at that moment, I thought it was the right time.. I leaned in, and so did she. Our lips met each others and it was the best kiss I have ever had. "Kenzie..." I said. "Yes Trevor?" she looked me in the eyes, oh god her eyes were the prettiest shade of hazel. "I love you" I looked at her and I saw a smile form across her face. "I love you too Trevor" she pulled me into a deep kiss, which lasted for a while. She pulled away and gave me a hug. Her hugs make me feel warm inside, I love her. I really do. 


Kenzie's POV: 

When I hugged him, I felt sparks. I went over to the bed and changed into some short pajama shorts and a tank top. I could feel Trevor's eyes looking at me. But I didn't really mind. trevor started to change. I got into bed and I heard Trevor make his way to the guest room. "Trevor wait.." I said. "Yes, Kenzie?" he stopped and turned around to look at me. "Can you...stay with me?" I blushed. "Yeah, of course I will" Trevor smiled and got in bed right next to me. "Goodnight Kenzie, I love you" he whispered in my ear, then we both fell asleep. 


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