Dear 1D (finding her)

Diana has been getting bullied and decided to write one direction. She doesn't think they will read their letter but less does she know they read her letter and feel bad for her! What's gonna happen to her life after something amazing happens!?


24. Telling her mom


We made dinner for Diana's family and her mum got home around 6:45pm. When she came into the kitchen she was surprised "oh boys you didn't have to cook dinner for us." She said "oh wanted to. We want to thank you for letting us stay here" Liam said. "We thought it would be the right thing to do" Harry chimed in. "Thanks boys so much. And no problem you are welcome to stay anytime you would like" she said smiling. "Mrs winters? Is it alright if we talk to you after dinner?" I asked "ya sure what about?" "Just something we have observed." Niall said. She looked confused and nodded slightly. "And dinner is done!" Zayn said. "Awesome! I'll go get the girls." Mrs winters said and walked upstairs to go get Diana and her sister.

When they all came downstairs we sat down at the dinner table and ate our food. This is the first time I've had Zayns cooking and it really isn't all that bad. We had chicken and rice for dinner. We all basically are in silence

After dinner Diana offered to help her little sister do the dishes and the rest of us went into the family living area and sat down. "So what is this all about?" Mrs winters asked. "Well a couple months ago your daughter Diana wrote to us. We get lots of mail but hers stood out to us. Harry has the letters she's wrote to us so we could show you. Nothing is wrong with your daughter we were just worried about her." I said and she looked kind of scared of where this was going l. "May I read the letters?" She asked and Harry nodded handing the letters to her. While her mom read them she started getting tears in her eyes. "We got tears to when we started reading these" Niall said. "Don't be mad at Diana for cutting she didn't know what to do and was scared to tell you." Liam said and she looked up. "What am I supposed to do? You guys went to school with her today. What happened?" She asked. "Well we found notes on her locker from some of the other kids." Harry said and also pulled those out. "Did you want to see them too?" He asked and she nodded so Harry gave her the notes. "Why are kids so mean to my daughter?" She asked a little mad. "We don't know mrs winters. We want to know too because your daughter does not deserve this." I said. "Oh and also at school a guy named Layton was being a douche to her when I found her she had this in her hands.." Zayn said pulling the razor out of his pocket. "What do you think would be best for her?" She asked trying not to cry. "Well we talked to Diana earlier about this and she told us about her dad and step mum who live in England. We all think that the best thing for her would be moving in with her dad" Harry said and she just looked at him then looked down. "It's gonna be hard to not have her here everyday" she said sadly. "we know and she will sill need her mum. She can call you everyday" I said and she nodded. "I guess if it's the right thing to do then I'll call her dad and let him know." She said and stood up. "Oh and thank you for telling me this." She said and gave a little smile. "Yes problem mrs winters" we all stood up to go tell Diana what happened.

After we told Diana she smiled a little. "So she wasn't mad?" "Nope not at all. She was sad but not mad" Harry said and she nodded. After a couple minutes of silence her mum came in the room. "Diana sweetheart you need to start packing to move. You leave this weekend." She had tears in her eyes but she knew this was a good thing for Diana. She smiled a little, hugged Diana for awhile then walked out.

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