Dear 1D (finding her)

Diana has been getting bullied and decided to write one direction. She doesn't think they will read their letter but less does she know they read her letter and feel bad for her! What's gonna happen to her life after something amazing happens!?


15. Getting worried/looking up

3 weeks later


It's been 3 weeks since Diana has last wrote to us. I'm a little worried about her. I wonder if she ever told her mom about what's going on in her life. Maybe we could find out where she lives in Texas and see if she's okay. I'll ask Liam if that would be okay once he is back from his date with Danielle.

When Liam got back around 11 I went to to ask him. "Hey Liam I got a question mate" I was a little nervous cause I really want to go see her. "Yes Haz? What is it?" "I was wondering if we could find out where Diana lives and go see if she's okay.." I was fidgeting with my fingers cause I was afraid of what he was going to say. "Harry I don't know if we could have the time for that.." "Liam please I need to know if she's okay. She hasn't wrote to us for 3 weeks." He thought about it long and hard. "Harry I can see what Simon says but I don't know if he is going to allow it" I nodded and went back up to my room to go to bed.

I was really tired but I couldn't help but think what she really looked like. So I got my laptop out and googled her name 'Diana Winters' so many results showed up. So I narrowed it down. 'Diana winters, lives in Texas' it sure did narrow it down a ton! There's about 5 Diana winters who live in Texas. Who knew right? I looked at them all and some were old, too old. And some were young, well too young. There was about 2 that actually fit the person who could write the letters. I looks at their ages and sure enough one was in collage and one was in high school. Bingo. I have found her.

I smiled and put my laptop away and decided to get some sleep.

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