Just The Hotel Girl

While staying one week in San Diego, Harry Styles falls for Savannah, a hotel worker. Little does he know who she really is. What happens when he finds out who she really is? Will he stay or will he leave forever?


2. Drunk

Harry's POV

When the boys met me in the lobby I didn't bother saying to Niall, after all I just met her. But I couldn't help but give him the evil glare.

He surely knew what that meant.

We got to the quickest club and headed off to the VIP section and placed our orders.

I had just been there and already felt the rush of alcohol sink in.

"Don't get too drunk mate!" Niall said as he patted my back.

I drank some more before I stopped remembering what was happening around me or to me.

Savannah's POV

"Savannah, hurry up and get dressed. I pay you buy the hour. Time is money!" Earl yelled at me as I rushed to get changed.

I felt bad for not telling Harry that I worked here but I doubt that he would like to take a girl out knowing she only makes minimum wage.

"Uh Sav you're cleaning the VIP floor today. So floors, 18 to 20. And on you're way up room, 264 needs more towels. Make sure to stop there." Derek said.

Derek is the assistant manager who takes his job seriously. He's also had a big crush on me since I first started to work here.

I mumbled something slightly as I grabbed my cart and headed up to the first room.

After handing them towels I began cleaning the rooms. More toilet paper here. Dirty towels there. Room service bring me chocolates here. Dirty dishes piled up on the floor. Having to make beds and finding pillows in the bath tub..

This was my day to day life. Thankfully Tuesdays are my days off so luckily I get to spend it however I want instead of being bossed around by losers all day here.

"Savannah! Lobby we need some more staff now!" Derek sounded frantic on the radio.

I hurried downstairs to find a drunk Harry stumbling all over the place.

"He came alone, don't know where his friends are. Take him to his room. He's on floor 19." He said as he tossed Harry into my arms.

I struggled to keep him up on his feet as I guided him first to the elevator and then into his room.

I took of his shoes and beanie and helped him into the bed. I tucked him in like a little boy. I turned around to leave when I felt a tug on my wrist.

It was gentle not forceful. I turned to see Harry's green eyes looking into mine.

"Please.. Stay with me.." His words slurred.

I decided to stay until he fell asleep because I still needed to finish my shift.

It only took him a couple of minutes before he passed out. I gently took his head off my lap and placed it on a pillow.

I grabbed some gravel and water and put it on his nightstand before leaving the room.

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