Friendzoning Jack Harries

Molly is just a normal girl, she lives in london with her older brother Caspar. But Caspar is not very normal, he has a very populair youtube channel. Molly is used to him collaborating with everybody but then he collaborates with Jacksgap..


1. Meet Molly Lee

'Molly? Get me some food please?' Caspar was calling for me again. He's getting more lazy every day. It's getting on my nerves.

'No, you have legs yourself so you can go and get your own food.' I can hear him doing his imitation of me, he's such a baby sometimes.

'What are you doing today Molly?' Okay, now I know something's up. He never askes me about my plans for the day.

'Err.. I actually wanted to stay in today. I'm not feeling like doing anything so I'm probably going to watch some movies.' What else was I supposed to say? He caught me off guard with his question. I'm a bit confused and I hadn't even thought about how to spend the day.

'Okay, well I'm shooting a video today. Jack and Finn are coming over and I'll be working with them all day. Please don't bother is unless we need food.' Well, some things never change, sleeping, eating and making videos. That's pretty much everything Caspar does. Wait.. Jack and Finn? Never heard of them. Well, I assume they're popular and funny.

'Okay, I won't bother you. And you can still go and get your own food like I said.' Caspar smiled at me. He's such an idiot.

'Thanks Mollister. They'll be here any minute so act normal or just go away right now.' Great, the nickname is back. I hate that name. I wish Caspar would just stop using it.


'That must be Jack and Finn!' Caspar jumps towards the door.

'Are you fangirling?' He looks down, he's blushing , I think.

'Noo... There just really nice, and I deserve some male company.' He was right about that. He spends a lot of time with me, so he should hang out with guys some more.

Caspar opens the door and welcomes Jack and Finn.

'Hi Jack! Hi Finn!' He gives them both a hug.

'Hi mate, how have you been?' They walk into the room, I can hear them comming closer. My back is facing them right now but as soon as I turn around.... I'm frozen.

Oh My God! I don't know who it is but one of those boys is pretty freaking hot!

I hope you liked it. This is my first fanfic so it's probably aweful. I'm writing this from my phone so the words can be like super strange sometimes. Hoping I can update soon.

Bye :) x Noascha

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