One Direction Imagines

I'll write some imagines with the boys, feel free to come up with suggestions :)


1. First kiss with Niall.

You were very nervous. It didn't seem like you to act like this, but how often do you get asked out by Niall Horan? Not very often.

You took a deep breath before opening the door, and there he was. Looking beautiful as always. His hair was kind of curling in a messy way, his teeth white, and his eyes locked yours. You stared at him with your mouth a little open. He licked his lips real quick, before looking you in the eyes again and smile.
"So," he said with his crunchy voice and irish accent, "you ready?" He smirked at you, and you blushed. "Sure," you answered, and he took your hand and walked you to the car. 

Later the night he walked you home. He told the chauffeur to drive without you two. You had been to a romantic restaurant, and after the dinner you guys got a few drinks. You had never tried drinking before, but you were kind of imbaressed about it, so you didn't mention. 
It was 11 o'clock, but you didn't felt tired at all. The alcohol were running trough your veins, and him walking only a few inches next to you, made you feel very awake. You could almost feel the tension between you two, like little sparkles were flying around you. 
"You know I had i really nice time, (Y/N)," he stopped walking, and smiled kind of shy at you. You could feel the buttlerflies in your stomach racing eachother, and a
lmost stumbled by the sudden stop
"I really like your accent, it's so cute! In fact you're very cute, but you're also handsome, like i can imagine you would be a great hugger, because you just seem like that kind of person, and i just can't stop thinking about your hair, i mean, it's so cute and fluffy, and i just wanna touch it and your lips, they're just sooo-.." you realised what you were saying, and quickly covered your mouth with your hands, wich caused you to loose your balance. Right before you hid the ground, you felt his strong arms catch you, and he got you up on your feet again. He looked you in the eyes, still having his strong hands on your waist. It was comforting, him holding you. You felt safe, like he was preventing you from falling again. The alcohol was controlling you, and you laid your arms around his neck, playing softly with his hair, causing him to grin slightly.
"A little bit drunk, aren't we?" he laughed at you, "I should probably get you home before you hurt yourself." You shook your head like i five year old. "I don't want to go home, Niall," you said looking up in his blue eyes. You felt his hands meeting at the bottom of your spine, he pulled you closer. "Then what do you want to do?" he said, slowly biting his lip, and looking straight into your eyes. You were so close to him, that you could feel the heat from his skin. Your stomach was exploding in butterflies. You looked down, and when you looked up again, you suddenly felt his soft lips meeting yours, causing you to shiver in your whole body. It lasted a few seconds, before his hands were on your hips again. He stopped the kiss and looked deep into your eyes. "You're okay with this, right?" he said with that cute accent,
 looking a bit worried, and you just couldn't take it anymore. You closed your eyes and kissed him again. It was amazing. You opened your mouth a little bit, letting his toungue enter. Butterflies in your whole body. His hands were now again on your back, right over your butt.He pulled you even closer, and you could feel his body against yours. You were playing roughly with his hair, and felt the sparkles all around you, and you wished, it would never end. 

A few minutes later, he took your hand, and walked you all the way home, before giving you a goodnight kiss and say: "Sleep tight babe, I'll call you tomorrow." 


So, this was the first one! I've never really done anything like this, but i hope you liked it! Feel free to come up with suggestions. x

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