Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


14. the truth

1 year later

Louis and harry were still together no one knew except the boys and their girlfriends and ofcours eleanor, oh yeah niall got together with demi. Well for the public there was elounor and in private it was larry, everyone who knew about them supported them and told to tell management when they were ready but louis didn't plan to tell them like most people would he's going to show management how much he loves harry


Louis pov

Since I know harry I knew that I would marry him, he's my soulmate. When I'm down he makes me laugh. He's the one that knows me best. Tonight there's a concert I'm planning the proposal just before the break, he will never see that coming. 'Babe, where are you' I yelled in the house 'over here boo' oh in.the kitchen like always 'what are you doing haz' I pecked him on the lips but he didn't like it, his more for passion in a kiss but i didn't give him that. 'Oh come on boo, I need you' 'haz, we need to get ready' he groans 'no, I don't want to'he pulled me into a hug and started to kiss my neck 'p-p-please b-babe stop' I tried not to moan damn he knows my weak spots 'I know you like this boo' I tried to get away 'harry no,not now' he looked at me with a sad face. 'Sorry haz but we really need to go' 'I know boo I understand'. He walked to the bathroom and I got to the bedroom were I had the ring in a closet were harry couldn't find it, I took the little box and put it in my bag that I needed. 10mins later I walked to the bathroom and knocked on the door 'babe can I come in?' 'Will you join me?' 'Not really' 'then no' I sight his so childish, I opened the door and walked to the sink, I started to brush my teeth I looked behind me and saw harry in the shower, damn he's fit. I didn't know that I was staring and didn't realise that he came out of the shower 'do you like what you see,boo?' 'Huh what?' 'You were staring baby' 'oh, I was lost in thoughts' 'about?' 'Us' he smiled 'that's intresting, I love us' 'yeah me too' he walked out of the bathroom and I got stressed "what if he sais no" "what if the fans will leave" k that would never happen we have one of the best fandoms "how am I going to ask him" sh*t I never thought about that , damn how could I forget that, I'm so stupid. Well I need to start thinking about that


Harry pov

Louis seemed a little distracted and stressed, it isn't the first time that he would perform so I don't really know what the problem is. What if he's afraid that we would be to close on stage, but that is our thing you know, we were always larry for everyone, ok it was bromance but still. maybe I need to keep distance, you know, so he don't have to stress about it. I was checking the time and saw that I had 5 minutes left to get ready, waith were is louis, he always get mad when i'm not ready. 'boo, where are you?' 'still in the bathroom' 'we only have 5mins left' 'shit really?' 'yes, what's going on' 'nothing' what's going on with him I'm really worried about him, maybe he needs some time alone? no that would be weird he loves to be with me after the mistake from last year, 'I heard someone rushing down the stairs and after that a loud noise like something fell, I looked to the staires and saw louis on the ground 'babe, is everything alright?' 'y-yes I was just to fast I guess' 'ooh ok, did you hurt yourself?' 'no, not really' he got up and got to the front door 'haz, are you coming?' 'oh yeah, sorry' when we were driving to the arena we were goofing around we were making a parody on call me maybe, made stories about people in other cars when we had to stop and then finally we arrived, we got to the changing rooms and started to get ready. we were ready to perform again 


- so sorry for the late update, I had no time and had a writersblock, sorry for the mistakes its 2am now and I'm really tired i will edit it later, let me know what you think about it ;) -

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