Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


3. talk to him

Liam was trying to comfort me, but how could I be calm when my first love didn't care about me


*3days ago louis told me that he didn't want to be a couple anymore. We didn't talk about that night and when we see each other it's always awkward. I don't know him anymore.*


I can't stop crying it's about 3months now that we ignore each other.I still love him but apparently he moved on


*3weeks after the breakup he came to the house with HER ,I don't know who she is and I really didn't care. Louis told us that she was his girlfriend, believe it or not I was angry, really angry, if she wasn't a girl I would hit her and would tell her that she doesn't belong here that louis was mine, but I couldn't say or do anything *


'harry, please listen to me everything is going to be alright ok' 'No liam how can you say that he doesn't love me, actually he never loved me' I felt tears coming up but I don't want to cry over him ' harry, you don't know that' 'ofcourse I do you don't get it do you' 'well explain it to me' liam started to get angry at me and I didn't want to lose him right now, sure I have niall and zayn but liam gets me at this point. 'If he ever loved me he wouldn't date someone right now, he lied to me' 'he is happy with her, you should be happy for him' 'I can't be happy for him I love him and everytime I see them together I.....' I couldn't finish my sentence I felt my blood boiling inside of me 


*that night she stayed to watch a movie with us. I was in the kitchen to get some drinks and popcorn , when I was walking to the couch that I always shared with louis I saw that SHE was on my spot, really close to louis, they were to close if you asked me. at the end of the movie I heard a giggle behind me, when I looked up I saw that louis whispered something in HER ear, that should be me, I felt my tears coming so I walked to my room and that's when tears from frustration came*


'harry she is a really nice girl, give her a chance' 'No fucking way, she stole my boyfriend, I can't be nice to her' 'well I think you should talk to louis then' 'I can't she is all over him, everywhere he goes she is with him' 'I can take care of that ok' 'you're the best liam' 'I know, now get changed I waith for you by the car' I walked to the locker where my fresh clothes were and started to get changed.


-it really isn't my day so I'm sorry if this isn't a good chapter, I will try my best to write better chapters after this- 




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