Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


12. suprise

One week later: louis and harry spent the whole week together


Harry pov


I know that management didn't want us together but I don't think that they will ever knew. Eleanor also knew that i loved louis and she was helping me to get us back together. I know it's weird but she told me that louis wasn't really happy in their relationship, well he was happy but not as happy when he is with me. Damn I love that boy. 'Hey euhm.. El is it ok that I ask louis on a date?' 'Yes ofcourse harry, you guys are so cute together' yaay I had a little party in my head I'm so excited. 'Thank you el, what do you think about a date on the beach at sunset?' 'Omg harry that's so romantic' I blushed a little yes I can be romantic.



Hey, louis can we meet? Like in an hour

Xx haz



Ofcourse See you then

Xx boo


Yes, his coming. How can I ask him in an original way. Maybe I can make a way with rose petals and leave notes. I need to get started I put some music on. I taped the first note on the door the second on the staires and the last one on the door of my bedroom. When Everything was on his place I needed to dress myself and I had just my shirt on when I heard his car.


Louis pov


I arrived at our home and saw a note on the door so I stepped closer and started to read


Hello there, you look beautiful ;) follow the path and find me

Xx haz


I opened the door and saw what he had done everywhere were rose petals and candals, He's so cute then I saw the second note on the staires


Almost there baby, find me you won't regret it

Xx haz


Oh god he's so sweet, I just followed the path and stood just in front of his bedroom with a last note on it


Run now you can baby ;) no it's nothing bad please come inside, I really need you

X haz


I'm getting nervous, what would he ask, I'm not ready to get married or something like that, louis stop it he's not even your boyfriend. I stepped in the bedroom and saw harry standing there


-sorry for the short chapters, I promise that the next will be better-

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