Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


10. everything will be ok

Louis pov


God where is he? Is he ok ? Did something happen ? Louis stop he's just fine he's probably on his way home, just calm down. it was already 4 o'clock and I couldn't sleep, damn why do I even care, oh yeah I hurt the love of my life twice and not only mental but also physical, whats wrong with me. I didn't deserve him, he needs someone that makes him happy and will make his life so much better. Maybe a cup of tea will calm me down. I stood in the kitchen when I thought about the time that me and harry stood in the kitchen together.


*I turned over and saw the bed was empty next to me where is harry? I was walking down and heard something in the kitchen 'babe is that you?' No reaction 'haz?' Ugh again no reaction I walked in the kitchen and saw harry making breakfast in only his boxers while he was listening to some music, I have such an incredible boyfriend. I sneaked behind him so he didn't see me. I stood right behind him and put my arms around his waist and planted a kiss on his shoulder, he turned around and kissed me 'hey boo, I didn't know you were awake' 'You didn't hear me because you were so busy I didn't want to disturb you' 'you never disturb, I will always make time for you' I blushed 'ahw you're cute, I love you' and he kissed me again 'I love you more'*


I got upset and trew my cup of tea against the wall, it broke and the whole floor was littered with shards and tea. 'damn...' I tried to pick up the pieces but cut myself a few times because the shards were sharp. I don't know why I should clean that up I mean everyone is away. Liam and zayn were with their girlfriends and niall was staying with josh cause they liked to make music together, not that I complained. I was all alone and didn't know where harry was. I started crying and an hour later I heard the frontdoor. Harry....


harry pov


I was driving home when I got frustrated and thought that I needed to take it out on something, so I went to my coach like I always did when I couldn't sleep, he told me that I could train in his house when I couldn't sleep so I went to the basement, their is all his equipement, I love to spent time here. I quickly opened the door and started to take my shirt of, I don't want to have a sweaty shirt. I found a bag just like the one I was hitting a few days ago, I started to punch it and after half an hour my knuckles started to bleed again, that's when I realized that I needed to go home. I continue my way home again and when I was on the frontdoor I heard someone cry, it isn't my boo is it, harry pull yourself together he's not yours anymore. I quickly opened the door and walked to where the sound was coming from. I saw louis sitting in a corner on the floor with his knees close to him, he was hugging them, I saw that his hands were bleeding so I walked to him 'hey lou, I think I need to clean your hands' 'H-H-Haz W-Why a-a-are you-u s-so nice t-to me' because I still love you, you idiot 'because I care about you lou' there was a little smile on his lips when I said that, but he was still crying. 'Why I mean I hurt you twice' I sight 'I don't care how many times you hurt me' well that wasn't completly true I don't want to get hurt. I took his wrist and he knew that I want him to get up. We were walking to the bathroom. There was a silence but it wasn't awkward. I finally found something to clean his little cuts. 'Lou this can sting a little' 'yeah I know but you don't need to help me, I mean why are you doing this for me, you can leave me if you want I don't want you to leave cause I stille love you and I miss you but you can if you want' he what, he got the color of shame on his cheeks, he was still looking at me and our eyes met I felt the same burning feeling like the day that we met for the first time that's when I broke the silence 'louis.... please Don't move' our faces where so close to each other, I couldn't keep my eyes off of him, I hope he knows what I want to do.

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