Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


16. don't tell lou

Harry pov

'Hazz, will you marry me?' His not doing this right now, we're so young we can't, I want to but we can't. I'm such a bad guy, hurting the only guy I love. 'Lou I mean you can't, i can't, I'm sorry' I ran away crying, what have I done he's the only one, I can't live without him and I ruined it, I can't go back now, he will hate me. I ran away from my own concert, who can say that, I kept running till I was at a little lake, I just sat there wondering what to do.

One week later

Louis pov

'Liam I want to know where he is, I'm worried' 'it's ok lou he will come home' I sight 'how do you know' 'because he loves you' 'no if he did, he would be here' 'maybe he needs some time to think' 'he can talk to me I'm his fucking boyfriend or I was I don't really know where I stand right now' 'he still loves you, he's just confused' I started crying again and liam gave me a hug 'come on lou, he will be home soon' 'I hope so' 'I know so, and tou know why?' He shook is head no 'because I'm going to find him' 'thank you liam, you're a great friend' 'heyy don't forget niall and zayn they are searching for a week now' 'I know I should thank them too' 'yeah, but I need to go now' 'ok, bye liam' 'bye lou, take care' 'I will' I knew that was a total lie, I didn't eat or sleep since harry disapeared, It's like I lost the motivation to live, I lost my world.

Liam pov

He better watch out when I find him , I swear to god I kill harry when he's back , no one hurts louid like that, he don't deserve all this pain. He was just telling the world that he loved harry and he just ran away, what a pussy. My phone started ringing 'hey zayn what's new' ...... 'What happened?' ...... 'Woww slow down' ...... 'He did what?' ...... 'Yeah I get it, I'm there in 10' .... 'No, lou don't need to know' ...... 'Bye' god dammit harry what's your problem why would you hurt louis like that, do you have no heart

Louis pov

I was just lying on the couch cause I just don't want to move, I hope that everything is over soon, I'm just waiting till I die, yeah maybe it is bad to think something like that, but I don't feel anything so why not die, maybe I should try to feel something, I got up and walked into the kitchen, I took a knife, and held it on my wrist, maybe not here, they would see, I held the knife just next to my waist and pressed it against it, I made a cut I kept going till there were 10cuts on my waist, I took a towel made it wet and held it against the cuts, I liked the feeling, I don't know why but it was something I could feel, I should do this more.

I was changing my shirt cause on my other was blood when I heard the front door. Maybe it's harry I ran downstaires and got dissapointed again it was niall that tried to get his breath, 'niall what happend' 'it's harry' 'what happened?' 'He ....' His phone rang 'sorry I have to take this' 'no problem' he walked to the other room 'why can't I tell him'.... 'yeah I get it but...' .... 'Ok, I'm leaving now' he came back in the room 'sorry lou I have to go' 'but....' 'Sorry I can't tell you' and he ran out of the house

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