Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


8. didn't see that one coming

Harry pov

I was driving to the park when I thought about our date and how happy I was that louis told me that he loved me, stop harry he doesn't love you he never did he likes girls you were just a fase. But it felt so good at the time it was like we were the only two people on earth

*hey Boo can I try some' I asked nervous, I hope he let me, 'uhm yeah sure' I'm not the only one who's nervous. I looked at him and leand in. Louis eyes went from my lips to my eyes. Yes he wants this too he leand in, I looked one more time in his eyes for permission and that's When our lips touched, it was like firework I didn't want to stop, but suddenly he pulled away 'I-I-I'm sorry louis I didn't have to do it I'm so so so sorry. ...' he smiled at me and I saw he was trying to say something so I stopped talking 'haz , I need to tell you something' 'you're straight huh?' 'No harry I'm not I'm bi, And I was trying to say that I love you' he bit his lip and looked at me, ' I love you too,boo' before I knew it we were kissing again*

I loved him so much, what am I saying I still love him. Well I need to focus on the road I don't need an accident. I was almost at the park and I saw louis car, well he is early. I parked my car a little further and walked to his car because I saw he was still there. I knocked on his window and I saw him with red eyes, why was he crying, he opened his window, 'h-h-harry I-I-I'm S-Sorry' 'why louis what's wrong can you please come out of your car' he opened his door and walked to the front of his car 'harry, I miss you and I'm so sorry that I broke up with you' he was sorry ? No you can't play nice now 'well you should've think about that in the first place, you broke my heart and just started a new relationship with a random girl that you never met' I got angry and I know that he would use my reputation against me, 'harry you're just like everyone says you're rude, you don't have feelings you only play, you're just a manwhore' he didn't have to say that 'louis if you are so happy with eleanor go to her, you know she is only intrested in your money ' that's when I got angry and gave me a punch in my face, he's really strong for a small guy.

Louis pov

Omg what have I done, I punched the man that I loved what's wrong with me 'H-Harry are you ok, I didn't want to do that but...' 'No louis I deserved it but now I know that you don't love me anymore , I can let you go' he walked away and I started crying again 'harry, no please don't leave me, I made a mistake I still love you, I never stopped loving you' 'louis you can tell me that but you have a girlfriend and you just feel sorry for punching me so please stay away from me'

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