One Direction Imagines

Hi.! I don't know what to write here. So I hope you enjoy the imagines, if you don't then...sorry about that :/ oh! And I don't do requests. Sorry about that too! Byye!!


1. 'Niall'

Guys! Just wanted to say hi and enjoy! Oh! And Merry Christmas!!!


"Niall?!" I shouted after hearing a loud crash downstairs. Nothing. "Niall what's going on down there?!"

"Huh?! Oh nothing, nothing. Just um... Just trying to... um... m-make breakfast. That's all.!" Another crash... Ugh! Do I have to go down there?!

I went downstairs, to the kitchen and saw my little leprechaun, also known as my boyfriend, messing up the kitchen with his 'cooking skills'.

"What are you doing?" I laughed, I see that Niall didn't notice I was there. So he jumped. Yeah...

"Oh god you scared me" he chuckled, aww. Cute. The little Irish accent is so adorable.

"You didn't answer my question" I laughed. Again.

"Ummm...trying to make breakfast...for my princess?"

"More like...trying to mess the house up." I try to hold my laugh, but fail miserably.

"You're laughing!" He laughed pointing at me.

"No shit, Sherlock" I said which made him laugh harder.


"I...w-want laugh!" He said between laughs, then he finally stopped laughing "and I have a plan to make you laugh" he said with an evil smirk... Oh God please no.

He started to tickle me. That Irish devil.

"Niall..stop..p-please. NIALL! NO!" I said while laughing my butt off.

"I won't stop until you say 'Niall is the sexiest, most handsome man in the world'. Now say it." I'm dying.


"Okay then, you asked for it" he started to tickling my feet, which is the most ticklish part of mine.

"OKAY.OKAY fine, Niall is the s-sexiest... most handsome m-man in the world!" He stopped. Now I can finally breath... "Thank you Niall"

"Anything for my princess" he said smiling.

"I love you." I smiled

"Love you more."

"What about the mess?" I asked

"It can wait" he winked

Oh Niall...


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