One Direction Imagines

Hi.! I don't know what to write here. So I hope you enjoy the imagines, if you don't then...sorry about that :/ oh! And I don't do requests. Sorry about that too! Byye!!


6. Movie Night


You were in the living room waiting for your boyfriend, Harry, to bring the popcorn for movie night. "I'm baack!" You heard him say as he came to the living room. "So Haz, what movie are we watching?" You asked. He walked to the shelf full of movies and said "Hmmm... Let's see we have Mean Girls, Titanic, MIB 3, 2 Guns, Love Actually, blah blah blah" "oh oh I know I know what we should watch Haz!!" You said child-like. "What?" "THIS IS US!!!" "Ok!" Harry laughed. He put the movie on, you both snuggled up to each other and started eating the popcorn. In the middle of the movie, you started to feel sleepy. "I'm tired Harry." You said. "Sweat dreams Y/N" he said then kissed your forehead. You fell asleep, smiling.

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