One Direction Imagines

Hi.! I don't know what to write here. So I hope you enjoy the imagines, if you don't then...sorry about that :/ oh! And I don't do requests. Sorry about that too! Byye!!


5. First date

Where he takes you on a first date.


You were ready for your first date with the Irish boy, wearing a knee-length red lace dress, red heels, make up, accessories and all that girly stuff. The doorbell rang and you rushed to the door to face the best pair of blue eyes you've ever seen. EVER! "Ready to go?" He asked. "yup" you answered popping the 'p'. You both walked to his car, before you even reached for the door handle, he rushed to your side and opened it for you. "Thanks." you giggled. "Anything for my soon-to-be girlfriend." He flashed a smile and you blushed. Before you knew it you were in front of a closed restaurant. "Niall, what are we doing here?" You asked, "You'll see". You both got inside and were seated. When you were ready for your orders, Niall called out for a waiter, a waiter ran to your side and asked u what u wanted. After the AMAZING food was all gone you asked Niall "Why doesn't this restaurant have any people in it?" "That's because I reserved the whole restaurant just for us." You couldn't believe what he just said, you were touched. You noticed he was leaning in and so were you and then BAM! Your lips were connected like puzzle pieces, it's like you two were the only people in the whole world. "Will you be my girlfriend, Y/N?" "Yes!"

A/N. Heyyy guys, sorry but this is all I'm gonna do for now. That's because it's 1 am and I'm soooooooooooooo sleepy. I pinky promise *raising pinky* that I will update tomorrow ok? Byeeee

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