One Direction Imagines

Hi.! I don't know what to write here. So I hope you enjoy the imagines, if you don't then...sorry about that :/ oh! And I don't do requests. Sorry about that too! Byye!!


2. Elin1DForever :)

'Harry's P.O.V'

I woke up, looking down at the most beautiful girl I've seen, inside and out. I can't believe from all the guys in the world, she chose me. Beautiful blond hair and blue eyes, that aren't visible because she's sleeping, duh...

Elin started to move around, she's waking up. I can't wait to see her eyes!! That kinda sounds weird but I don't care. I can't believe that I get to call her mine!

"Good morning beautiful"

"Morning" she closed her eyes again.

"C'mon babe, wake up"

"No" she said sleepily, cute.

"Fine then, you asked for it" I got up, went to the kitchen, got a bottle of water and went back to the room, this is gonna be good...

"Ok I'm gonna tell you this one last time, wake up"


"Ok" I poured the bottle of water on her, part of me was sorry for her. But she has to wake up.

"OK OK I'M UP!!"

"Finally!" She's laughing? I thought she was gonna be mad? Oh well...

I went and sat down next to her, she instantly hugged me. She's getting me wet!

"Get off me! You're getting me wet! Elin!"

"That's for waking me up by pouring water on my face"

"I'm sorry!"

"Ok" she let go of me and kissed my nose.

"Love you, babe"

"Love you more, beautiful"

"Impossible" she winked at me and walked to the bathroom. I can't explain how much I love her...

A/N so this is for you Elin. Hope you liked it ;)

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