Forbbiden love


10. chapter 9


I was putting on some shorts and a t- shirt when I noticed I gained a lot of weight. I walked into the bathroom and stepped on our scale. 110 I've gained like 20 lbs in a week. I quickly walked into my moms room.

"Mom? Have you noticed I gained weight?" She looked up from her book and looked at my waist.

"Actually I have. You have barley been eating too. Come on. I'll take you to the doctors." I threw on a pair of flip flops and walked to the car. I saw Damon jog past and wave to me. I waved back with a huge smile plastered on my face. I didn't know why but I was SUPER happy. My mom got into the car wearing her pjs. I looked at her and shook my head.

"Hey. Watch out. When you're my age, you'll realize fashion doesn't really matter." I looked taken aback.

"Oh believe me, when I'm your age I'll be the worlds top model."

"Mmhm. Good luck with that." She drove to the hostpital.

We finally got there like an hour later. I waited there for about another forty-five.

"Clairason madalayde Harley?" I raised my hand and followed her back. She explained each machine and what they did. She handed me a hospital dress. I quickly changed and laid down. The nurse walked back in with a new machine.

"Ok. I'm gonna start off by asking you some basic questions. Have you had any bad behavior lately?"

"NO!!! As a matter of fact I've been super happy!"

"Mhm. Have you been sick lately?"

"Uh. Yes. 3 months ago and just the other day."

"Mhm. Would you please lay back down?" She pointed to the machine she brought in earlier.

"This machine is what we take altrasounds with. Your mother said you've been gaining weight a lot so were gonna see what's going on with you lately.So if you'll just lift up the dress. I did as so and she stuck tape onto my stomach with some REALLY cold gel. She sorta bounced.

"Congradulations." She popped.

"What do you mean?!"I asked in fright.

"Well! You're pregnant!"

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