Forbbiden love


8. chapter 7

I awoke the next morning in a jolt. My stomach gurgled and I raced to the bathroom. I puked several times an then I walked into my mothers room.

"Mom. I think I'm sick." She laid me down on the couch and turned on the tv. She kissed my head and left for work. I didn't haw my license yet so I called up my best friend Ryan and asked him to pick me up some pregnancy tests. I turned off the tv and paced around the room when suddenly the doorbell rang. I opened it and here comes Ryan and Maria into my room. "Umm. Maria what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Ryan said you may need a girl around for the emotional part." I glared at them both and quickly took the tests from Ryan's hands. I ran to the bathroom and did the test. When I finished I waited for it to come up. Not able to wait I ran back to them and we waited together. Once it appeared Maria spoke.


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