Forbbiden love


3. chapter 3

I woke up in Damon's house half naked and sprawled out on his floor. I looked around for Damon but he wasn't here. I put my shirt back on and slid up my pants as I stumbled to the stairs. I stuck my hand to my head and moaned. Ugh. Hangover. I crumbled down the steps and fell face first in the kitchen followed my another moan.

"Ouch! Rough night?" I looked around the house. Everything was sparkly clean. Then you see upstairs.

" what the hell happened last night? I remember nothing." I crawled up to him on my hands and knees and leaned against the cubbies. My phone started vibrating in my bra. I fished it out and answered.

Me: mom?

Mom: young lady where have you been? I thought you were dead! I tried calling you last night but-

She was starting to weez.

Me: m- mom listen calm- calm the hell down!!!! I'm fine I went to Damon's birthday party last night and I stayed the night.

Mom- are you ok? Are you hurt?

Me: mom? Mom. MOM! I'm fine! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!! GOODBYE!!!

I screamed into the phone and hung up before she could say another word.

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