The story of life

Young Emily is an average girl until she graduates high school and meets the man of her dreams then society and reality kick in and Emily has to make a choice.


1. Graduation

     Emily's p.o.v.

     "Emily Lopez" said Mrs. Mar, " Here I go Savannah" I said. I quickly grabbed the piece of paper and almost ran off stage. " Omg, Savannah he looked at me" "who" said Savannah. "Daniel".

      ******later that night 

      Savannah's p.o.v.

      "Hey there" i said already half drunk to Emily "hey, where are the drinks"asked Emily "kitchen" i said back. "so, how many guys have u hooked up with already" asked Emily "one" I said back giving Emily the evil eye.

       Emily's p.o.v.

       i was going to get my drink form the kitchen when i ran into Daniel "shit" i said as i bumped into him. "i'm so sorry" he said, "hey aren't you Emily Lopez" "yeah" i said back "well i heard your going to "UCLA, i'm going there too" he said smiling "cool" i said back nervously....


      Daniel's p.o.v.

      she was really nice and pretty, we had been talking almost all night making each other laugh...i think i like her, like really like her....

     Emily's p.o.v.

     i like him so much but i know he'll never like me back. i was in the middle of a conversation when he leaned in and our lips touched and danced. oh my lord, hes kissing me, things soon got out of control, our breaths were uneven and he grabed my hand and to the last room at the end of the hall. We entered the room and didn't wait a second i closed the door and we began to kiss again. he was he took off my shirt and i began to take off his. his bare hands were on my naked hips, his hands were making their way down and i kissed his neck as his hands moved their way to my button and zipper of my shorts. now it was my turn, he kissed my neck and hit a soft spot making me moan, i quickly unbuttoned his pants and he harshly kicked them off, then his hands reached my bra, he uncliped my bra then pulling me closer to fill in all the space between us. i took of his boxers then seeing his naked body i bit my lip. he quickly pulled down my lace panties and pushed us both onto the bed he kissed my neck and i rubed my leg against his naked body.


 Savannah's p.o.v 

 i walked into the room to find Emily hooking up some guy, it was dark to i couldn't see any thing, i was tired so i went to go get her since she was staying at my place tonight. i took a step closer to see who it was " oh my fucken god" i managed to say, they bothed looked up and my jaw dropped. they both scrambled to find their clothes while i waited for Emily. on their way out of the room Daniel gave her his number and hurried down stairs. "what the hell was that" i whisper yelled  "


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