Best friend

Maya was niall horan best friend yes niall horan from one direction what will happen when maya see niall with his girlfriend what will happen she used to love him will she win his heart ?..


5. you already forgot me :(

Well I wake up from that bad dream it was that niall forgot me but then i remember that today was niall birthday so I texted him happy birthday he saw it but he did not answer I felt sad then niall came on t.v he sang with a group I must say they all look cute there names are harry styles liam Payne. Louis Tomlinson and zayn malik and niall they pased today so I text niall one more time

Hi miss you and good luck xx. But he also saw it but didn't answer I felt sad I think he already forgot me I started to cry so I called my friend that neighbor her name is Elisa ilove her so much she's a good friend she came but she said can I ask you something I said ya

Do you have a mom or a dad

When she said that tears dropped down my face I told her no they died in a car crash with my big brother jack I really miss them but I stayed In my grandmother home but when I was 16 she died that's before a year but then I stayed with niall mother and I used to work so I got money and found this home I loved it a lot so I decided to take it and then me and niall became bestfriends

And my mom used to know niall mother so that's why I know niall and that's a my life and know niall left to the xfactor and he forgot me so I don't have anyone I only have you I Guss because you know were not that close and yeah

Omg I'm so so so sorry you've been throught. So much

And there is one problem

What's that

Before I tell you I want you to promise me something

What is it

Not to tell niall

Ok I promise

Well um .. I think I'm in love with niall we'll not I think I know that I'm in love with him but he don't. He will probebley be famous and have 100 girlfriend better and they don't be fat like me and they be cute

Shut up you are cute

Uhh thxx let's go to sleep

But before I want to tell you something I think that I will never forgive niall and never trust him like before you know because he lied to me and I don't want him to lie to me again so if I ever saw him I won't forgive him that easy

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