Never Tear us Apart

Two lovers, a cancer patient and 12 roses... Never Tear Us Apart


1. Fulfilled


I slowly drift into my sleep world, full of Ava and puppies. Ava's heart beat lulled me to sleep as I try to not disturb her soft song of breath. 15 years had passed since Year 7. I remember the day... "Just ask her out" my best friend at the time had urged me. I walked up checking my breath for the slight trace of garlic or fish. Ava's friends giggled as I walked by, sensing the impending awkwardness that was bound to come.

"Will... Will you go out with me?" I said nervously, fiddling with my already tatty jumper. Ava said yes after 2 more attempts and the rest is history but now Ava's history and that beating heart is buried in cold dirt with the rest of her remains.

It started with the news, an awkward pain and a uninvited doctors trip, which gave us the hard fact that Ava had terminal cancer. With only 7 months to live Ava was stuck between 2 rocks with chemo weighing down her and the pain and depression I constantly felt knowing she would be gone.

You know I used to count down the days until her... Time, and each day that was wasted gave me a blow deep down that destroyed me each time.

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