Never Tear us Apart

Two lovers, a cancer patient and 12 roses... Never Tear Us Apart


2. Despair & Hope


3 months till her death...

Once she had decided to cancel chemotherapy I felt the hope drawn from her with each passing day... And it was drawn from me as well. All was lost until the day came... That special day just like in Year 7 were my nervousness overcame me like a school boy when I say the special 4 words.

"Will you qmarry me?"

Within weeks we were due to be wed. We only had a small amount of money so we were married in a registration office. Ava wore a short white dress with eleven red roses as her bouquet it was a wonderful day but for Ava and myself a horrible night.

She traveled to hospital with a pain in her body and a pain in my heart. It was only a 5 hours after that when she died.

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