Castiel is bound to earth, his wings clipped and memory blanked. Thought dead by the Winchester Brothers his only hope to find refuge is through a fan of the Supernatural books and her Best Friend who was in for the journey.


1. In The Beginning


"Castiel..." A hushed voice whispered to me from above. A feather brushed my nose, reminding me of a longing I once felt to be loved. But now, I was numb, no feelings except the passion to be free. At that moment I heard the low growl of an engine and the cry of a child. I shot up steadying myself on the ground but winced as hot ash singed my already cut up hands. Around me was the unbelievable sight of two wings burned into the rough gravel.

"Who am I", I choked out, a feeling of dryness in my throat. I turned to see two people strolling beside me.

"Haha, yeah. Coz' Dean and Castiel are totally gonna get together" a blonde girl said while walking up to the playground behind me.

"Ya never know, don't be homophobic." The man with her said.

My blue eyes pierced through them, out of nowhere she turned and ran up to me.

I winced and shielded myself preparing to get hit.

"Great larping, dude" the blonde girl said while smiling

"Larping?" I warily replied

"Ya know, Live Action Roleplay!" She said as she jumped around ecstatic about... Something.

"Well you've got the whole outfit, even the wings. What's your name, Cas?"

"Well, judging from your story, I'm Cas and a... Larper?"

"Haha, you're funny"

"I'm Kalel and this is Han, and yes like Han Solo"

"Could you explain to me where I am?" I said

confused wondering who Han Solo was and why they thought I was funny.

"Well you're in San Diego"

"Could you give me a wider area?"

"Yeah, sure... America, Northern Hemisphere, Planet Earth, Milky Way Nebula, Galaxy #221... Would you like me to go on?"

"No... Thank you"

"Well at least he still has his manners" Kalel said while looking at her...gentlemen friend

"So where's Dean and Sam?" She asked

"I know that name... But where from?"

"Maybe Supernatural, the books I mean you are dressed up as Castiel, you've even burned angel wings into the ground"

At that moment like a flash, a movie played inside my head.

"Cas, you need to be more careful. Crowleys been trying to get his hands on you for too long, and he's about to succeed" said Sam

"I think Cas can handle himself after all he has his angel mojo, which can basically make somebody spontaneously combust, He should be wearing underwear over his tights by now" Dean said while rubbing his temples.

"Thanks Dean but I don't think tights and underwear will make things any better" I replied

A white flash and I was back, my head hurt and I felt as if I was missing something.

"How do you know who I am?!" I said to Kalel and Han while moving towards them.

"Stop right there bro" Han exclaimed with a slither of fear in his voice.

Without thinking I reached up and placed two of my fingers on his forehead and watched him fall to the ground

"I said how do you know who I am!"

"This can't be... But it's just a book." Kalel cried

"Who am I?" I said for the last time.

"You're fictional, just a character in a book... I think. Okay, I'll tell you everything I know about you but first we'll walk to my house" Kalel said flustered

15 minutes later I walked into her tiny apartment dragging her friend behind me. She offered me a shower and set of clothes which I accepted realising my suit was stiff with dirt. She explained to me everything while bandaging my hands.

"Your name is Castiel and you're an Angel of The Lord. You are friends with two monster hunters called Dean and Sam who are brothers... Oh and you kinda have super powers."

"What do you mean super powers?" I asked warily

"Just promise you won't go crazy with power... But if you touch someone on the forehead with two fingers you can knock them out and if you put your whole hand on someone's forehead you kind of... Burn their eyes and liquefy their insides, and when I say someone I mean anyone except for very powerful beings and angels"

As she said that the boy slowly woke up. He looked around and realised where he was, settling ourselves on Kalel's couch we squirmed in our seats as the silence took over. Trying to make conversation I asked...

"So... Are you two having Sexual Intercourse?"

Almost immediately they both said in unison

"No, no we're just friends",

Well at least I tried to make conversation. In no time it had become night and I realised that they were getting tired. I was about to say goodbye when she offered me a bed for the night, I graciously accepted but laid awake all night thinking about who I was.

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