Uni Students

Harry, Mason, Connor and Louis are going to the university Oxford..
They are planning on studing Economy..
Connor and Mason are best friends but Harry and Louis don't know each other..
And they lay together in one room.. Soon Louis and Harry become good friends, best friends..
Otherwise with Niall, Liam and Zayn..
Are studing English..
Niall and Liam are best friends from kindergarden.
And Zayn don't knows them.. Liam knows Zayn is having a thing for Niall but he's not happy with that. Liam gets to know a girl Alice, she is the girlfriend of Connor..
On that way they all go to a party and believe me that party changes lifes...


4. I'm Niall!


Niall’s POV

Today I’m starting new things in life.

My young live started today, right now here in the bus exactly..

Yeah I’m going to Oxford University.

Together with my best friend, Liam Payne.

Who is sitting next to me in the bus.

I’ll tell abit about myself.


I’m Niall James Horan, I’m 20, I live in Mulingar, I have 1 brother his name is Greg, my mom her name is Maura and my dad his name is Bobby but they are divorced..

I’m going to study English, me and Liam wanted always do that we want to become 2 teachers..


Me and Liam are friends from kindergarten, we really hang on each other. We want to be together for our whole life.

Well me and Liam are weird friends, not like friends with benefits but we sometime share a kiss, or a snog, we also touch each other but we never did anything like sex are something..  

I secretly start to have feelings for him..

I am trying to figure out what I am, gay or bi?

I’m thinking on it everyday..

Till I get the answer..


When we reach the parking me and Liam get out of the bus and go inside like that man said we needed to do.

‘Everything alright, Ni?’

Liam asks me

‘Yeah, I’m fine’


He says while smiling at me..


We get inside and Liam goes first in the row, I stand behind him.

When he is done, it’s my turn and a lady smiles at me

‘goodmorning, welcome’

‘thank you miss’

‘name and date of birth please’

‘Niall James Horan and 13 September 1993’

‘okay, and what are you planning to follow here darling?’

‘English, miss’

‘okay, that’s great! You and your friend can follow Becca, she will guid you two the way to your room.’

‘so me and Liam sleep together?’ I say smiling

‘yes, babe’

‘thank you, miss’

And we give a smile to each other and then I walk away with Liam and Becca.


I hope this is gonna be a good year! God please stand by me!

But I’m happy that I sleep with Liam! 

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