Uni Students

Harry, Mason, Connor and Louis are going to the university Oxford..
They are planning on studing Economy..
Connor and Mason are best friends but Harry and Louis don't know each other..
And they lay together in one room.. Soon Louis and Harry become good friends, best friends..
Otherwise with Niall, Liam and Zayn..
Are studing English..
Niall and Liam are best friends from kindergarden.
And Zayn don't knows them.. Liam knows Zayn is having a thing for Niall but he's not happy with that. Liam gets to know a girl Alice, she is the girlfriend of Connor..
On that way they all go to a party and believe me that party changes lifes...


2. I'm Harry!


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Harry’s POV



Today my first day on my school, well school isn’t the exact word. It’s college and I’m really looking forward to it, people think I am a total fool to go there all on my own because I don’t know anyone that wants to do the same things as me. Sadly, but I’m sure that I will find friends very soon.

Maybe I should tell who I am,

Well I’m Harry Edward Styles, I’m 19, I live in Cheshire,  I love Economics, I have one sister Gemma.

 My best friend his name is Elliot, we’ve been friends since kindergarten.

But he doesn’t like economics and he doesn’t like to study either, he is a real computer freak.  He knows everything about it.

He’s following classes to be better with the computer and then he will try to find a proper job around that.

And I really hopes he makes it, he also wants to get married with his girlfriend Heaven.

So he has also a lot of future plans

My mom and dad divorced when I was younger.

And I’m bi, but nobody knows.

I could tell a lot more but then I’ll be very busy.


 I’m on the bus to Oxford.

Here on the bus are very nice people although I sit alone, but I want it that way so that I can see what is going on everywhere. But there is a blond guy, and he looks really nice. He’s sitting next to a brown haired guy, probably his best friend or his boyfriend who knows.

But on the other side there are also weird people, nerds. And I thought that I was bad, if you see them I’m a rebel against them.

Yeah on every school is there some of those people but I know I’m not with them,  thank God.


 I’m a bit nervous for the people around there but I think it will be fine, I’m planning my future and this is really on my list.

 I want to become a teacher economics really strange but I want it, I am interested and then I have to do something with it. My mom and stepdad never would have thought that I went for something like that, but I’m glad I am taking the change to do it.

When we pass the board with “Oxford University” on it, I smile a little. I have seen pictures and stuff like that but I never ever could imagined how it really was, how it felt there.. 

The bus drives up the parking lot, and I look around abit.

The blond guy and the brown haired guy, get off the bus as soon as he stands still. And I just follow, so I also get off the bus.

A man says we need to get inside and then say all the information to a lady on a desk. I listen to the man and I just step inside that huge building, I never thought it would be this big.

When I walk inside a women with dark blonde hair and big brown eyes smiled  at me, she is probably one of the people who lead you to your room and all that stuff.

I smile back friendly and then I walk further, this room is amazing. So beautiful here!


‘Next!’ a lady behind a desk yells. I see that the blond guy and the brown haired guy are standing in that line, so I go and stand behind them.

When it’s finely to them I hear they are coming to study English. After that a women went with them for their rooms and to lead them around probably, then it’s up to me.


‘Good morning’

‘Good morning ma’am’

‘Can I have your name, and your date of birth please?’

She asks friendly and I give her a little smile

‘Harry Edward Styles, and 1 February 1994’

‘Beautiful name, love. Can you tell me what are you planning to follow here?’

‘Thanks ma’am, and economics’

‘that’s a very good choice, I did it too when I was younger. Also here on Oxford, enjoy your time her mister Styles it will be the best of your life.’

‘Thank you ma’am’

‘You are welcome, and you can now follow Gail she will say where everything is. And hand her this paper.’

‘Okay thank you ma’am’

‘And Harry, please call me Miss Helen or Miss Maybury’

‘Okay sure, Miss Maybury’

And she smiled at me when I walked to Gail.


 Let’s get this day started! I like it here and so far I like all the teachers I talked to, but the most I like Miss Maybury. Such a weird name, but I like her.

She is old but she is nice..

Up to a lot of fun here in Oxford!!

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