Scorch Marks

Scorch Marks takes place in a far away galaxy, where creatures called Androks, mechanically modified canines, travel from planet to planet, capturing the inhabitants and conquering the land. One specific Androk, Recon, is a general in the known and feared Androk army, who has recently been revived by his brother, Zek, head of the tech department. Zek's sole purpose to reviving Recon was to bring his brother back to life, but some disagree with his causes...



1. Awakened

Darkness. At first, there was only darkness. A quiet, empty void. What had happened to me? Was this how the afterlife looked? I always imagined it high up in the air, with little winged puppies playing harps, the sun shining forever. Perhaps I was being transported there? Or was I going... Someplace else? I tried to recall the last time I did something bad, but I could hardly remember my own name.

"He's alive!" I heard a familiar voice exclaim.

"You did it again, General." Another one appeared, "You are truly a miracle worker!"

I tried to open my eyes, but it failed. After what seemed like an eternity of struggling, they shot open. My vision was fine now. I could clearly see everything in the white room.

Maybe I was at the visitors center of the afterlife? Maybe someone's looking at my past activities, my life, and recording my virtues and sins, looking over them, determining whether I deserved to be there.

Then, two figures appeared. Both seemed to have be canines. I instantly recognized them as Androks, genetically-modified canines, but I couldn't remember who they were. 
The one on the left looked traumatized. His robotic eye was grey, the color of regret. His light grey fur overlapped his other eye, which was probably organic. He held a high-tech screwdriver in his left paw, which resembled a talon.

The one on the left was looking at him, slightly unimpressed. His organic ear twitched. In his paw was a red button. 

"Recon." The one on the left poked me with talon. I guess that's my name?

He poked me again. And again. And again. Then he started to tear up.

"No!" He cried, "Not another failure! This is the best I could do! He has to be alive!"

"His ear's twitching!" The other one informed. "He is alive!"

"Recon, please, try to get up." He handed me his talon so I could climb off. I grabbed it and got up. A smile appeared on his face.

"What... Happened?" I asked. My voice sounded unusually weak. "Who are you?"

"You don't remember me?" His traumatized face returned. "We messed up. We. Messed. Up. No! We can't mess up! No!" He walked away from me and started to sulk in a corner.

The other one pressed the button. My memories returned to me instantaneously. I thanked Bakageta the tech dude and walked to the corner.

"Zek." I said. He turned around and smiled again.

"You're back!" My big brother, General Zek, head of the tech department, exclaimed.

"I still don't know where I am. Is this reality?"

"Labratory 626." Bakageta answered.

I recognized the name. It was the revival department, where they bought Androks back to life using robotic internal organs and mechanical limbs."Does that... Am I... Or was I... Dead?" 

"You were." Zek confirmed my suspicion, smiling a sad smile. His mechanical eye turned Aqua, which we Androks identified as 'the color of emotional healing', meaning that whatever negative emotions Zek once possessed, they were starting to fade away. "But I couldn't bear losing my only brother."

"Stop with the sentimental stuff!" Bakageta growled. He clearly seemed to be annoyed, even though he didn't have any mechanical eyes to show it. " We need to go."

"Go... Where?"

"Planet Duellicos." Zek informed,  "The planet of the Feri. We're planning to take over their planet and enslave some of them for sources."

"The what?"

"You'll learn soon enough."

They walked me down the steel hallway. With every step, my front right paw made a weird noise that resembled the noise our Battle Droids made when they marched. All my senses had been enhanced; I saw every little speck of dust on the walls, heard every footstep as if it had been recorded and was playing on full volume. 

"Zek?" I poked him with my paw, but regretted doing so as soon I saw the horrible image in front of me. My paw was robotic, just like the paws of a Battle Drone. Zek had turned to me, waiting for me to ask my question.

But I couldn't. The sight scared me too much. I was about to go all teary-eyed, but then I realized both of my eyes were robotic, too. What did the rest of me look like?

"Zek... Am I a Battle Drone?"

Zek looked like he wanted to hug me, but he didn't. No, Recon, you are not a Battle Drone. You... It's... Complicated. I'll tell you on the ship."

We walked in complete silence until Bakageta broke it by shouting at one of the tech assistants, Glitch, to prepare Zek's room.

Zek yawned. "I'm going to bed. I'll tell you tomorrow, at breakfast. I need some sleep after all that engineering."

"I'll come, too." I yawned back, "I'm tired."

"No, Recon," Zek mumbled sleepily, "You don't need sleep. Go to training room 7. Taiko will train you on range combat."

I watched as Glitch guided him out of the main hall of the spacecraft, and into the hallway in which the generals and Commander Ippan had their rooms. Glitch returned after a while and led me through another hallway.

"You're very lucky to not have any malfunctions or programming errors." She said as her left eye altered between the colors of the rainbow.

I didn't really know Glitch. All I knew was that she worked in the tech department as an assistant and that she had a freak accident involving acids a few years back. The result was both her organic eyes going blind, so she had to get them replaced. Unfortunately, the programmer who was in charge of re-programming her eyes messed up, and she ended up with a left eye that would change colors on its own, not according to her emotions.

"Uh, thanks." I replied.

The trip to the training quarters was very awkward. Both of us walked in complete silence, and sometimes we would open our mouths at the time, realize the other one wanted to talk, and then shut them

"Here we are." Glitch said after what seemed like eons of awkwardness, "Training room 7, just as..." She paused before saying Zek's name, "General Zek requested."

I gulped and walked into the training room.

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