stampy meets forest gump

Do you like stampy of you tube? Do you like forest gump? If you like 1 or both read this epic advet they have to gether.


5. The big FIGHT

"lets do dis" Stampy told lee finball squid amylee roise crimzon longbow choo choo superchachey snakedoctor ashdubb THE YOGSCAST and of couse squid forest and the a team "CHARGE ATTAC KILL HITTHETARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"kiling chricker "die die die " are choo choo died snakedoctor and ashdubb died then the yogscast kim and sipsco died    :{ but all so all of hitthetagets team die "Evereone let me tack care of this" Stampy walked up to hitthetaget "A man duel get rid of your armer" "NOW" "Fine here we go Stampy doged hi went behind him and shoted "Lee handcufes" "OK" Lee said ,if you didn't know lee is scotesh, Stampy aressted hitthetarget and took him hostge but he escaspe...



This is the first soon number 2 will be out

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