stampy meets forest gump

Do you like stampy of you tube? Do you like forest gump? If you like 1 or both read this epic advet they have to gether.


1. The beging

"Hello this is Stampy and welcome to a video in side of Stampy's Lovley World and to day in this video OH Who are you" "I'm Forest Forest gump." "Oh hello I have wached your movie" "You did.I need to get back alabama Sir"So they set of thorugh  stampys lovely world to alabama "So Forest" "Yes" "If your from alabama how come your hear?" "Because I felt like a running" "OH ok" So they carred on walking in silens untill...








Read chapter 2 to find out what happens next Check The Sparks You tube chanel plz sub !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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