What happens when your Mum dies.
Your Dad has depression.
You have depression
One of your younger sisters has anxiety?
What do you have left?
*Cover made by @[CorkyPorkyღ]


4. Forgiveness

Dad's P.O.V;

"Sel?" I asked gently, I watched as my daughter sat on her bed and sung Titanium softly and delicately. "Fire away, fire away" She sung, "You shoot me down but I won't fall, I am titanium" I joined in singing with my daughter and her head shot up. "What now?" She asked angrily, "Sel, listen. I swear that's not true. I love you and your sisters with all my heart. I'd never want too give you away or anybody else for that matter. I swear on my life I never said that" I explained carefully. "So why'd she say it then?" Sel asked a little more calmly. "I'm her favourite teacher and she wishes that Me and Her had a bond as strong as you and I do." I brush a piece of hair off her face and whisper "I love you" as she wiped a tear away from her eye. "So do you wanna go too Luna park?" I asked, She nodded but for some reason still looked a little down. "Daddy, if I show you something will you promise not too kill me?" She asked slowly. I nodded and she rolled the sleeves up of her jumper. My eyes started tearing up as I pulled her into my arms.

Selena's P.O.V;

I slowly rolled p the sleeves on my jumper and produced 3 fresh cuts. I saw a tear glisten in Dad's eyes as he pulled me into a hug. "I love you cuts and all" He whispered sadly. I looked up too see Cody, Brittany and Nemo standing in the doorway. I let go of Dad and run too Britt and Cody, they hugged me tightly while Nemo kissed me on top of the head. He took my wrist and dabbed hot water on my cuts. It sting like hell but stopped the bleeding at least. Cody handed me an envelope. Opening it up my eyes bulged. Dad stood next too me and smiled. Inside the envelope were 5 Luna Park tickets. "Instead of some lame school excursion, how 'bout the whole family goes?" Nemo asked happily as I hugged him. Tears started streaming from my eyes. This is my family and nobody takes them away without a fight.

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