Hustler // h. s AU

"He's like a boomerang, once you throw it away from you, it'll turn around and come back to you. And if it did came back to you, it's up to you if you managed to catch it or let it hit you, hard."


5. 05// First Time

"Uh, Harry.. You know that I have to get back before 10.." I said as I look through the window.


"Of course I know. Just calm down, I won't hurt you." He said calmly.




"What?.. I'm taking you back, well, we're going back to the dorms." He said. I'm still feeling a bit weird about Harry, there's just something about him. "Here we are, would you like to come to my dorm maybe?"


"What? Why would I?.."


"Because I said so. So c'mon now."






"Is it okay for me to be here?"


"Of course love, make yourself in your own dorm." I sat down on the chair, taking one pillow and put it on my lap just for a coverage, because my dress was a bit short. "Can I ask you a question?" Harry asked me as soon as he sits next to me.


"Uh, sure.." I said, unsure.


"Are you a virgin?"


Bam. I knew he's going to ask me that question someday, and that day is today.


And I nodded. A smile grew on his face and he gives me a surprised look. "You mean no one has ever touched you? Yet?" He asked and I nodded again. "How's that even possible?"He smiles.


"What do you.. Mean?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.


"You're beautiful, smart, how can't they see that from you?" He said stroking my hair behind my ear. His eyes are looking at my lips and his face is getting near. "I-I think, I should get going," I looked away and take my bag and we both stand up.


"Thanks for.. Today." I said, unsure, yes, I was a bit scared. He walked me to the door and just stand there.


"No need to be scared, I'm into you." He whispered in my ear, then kisses my cheek, then smirks. He opened the door like a gentleman and bent his body a little bit. "Thank you Faith." He said.


"Thanks for having me." I said and I smile a bit then I left.


'No need to be scared, I'm into you.' he said, he's into me? That was scary, a stranger, I-I mean one of my acquaintance guy is into me for no more than what? 4 days? That's not even a week, it's pretty darn weird.


After I knocked the door, Adeline opened the door for me. "So? How was the date???" She asked, taking my arm and sit me down on the bed.


"I wasn't a date, and if it was, I wouldn't even call it a date."


"Just fucking tell me!!" She said and I laughed.


I told her everything, the restaurant, that I went inside the room, but I didn't tell her that he wanted to kiss me.


I almost did.


On the next day, Adeline and I went to the small café and ordered two hot chocolates before class starts.


And yes, he was there, standing against the wall with his eyes on me. His lips show me a smirk after I noticed that he was looking at me for the whole freaking time. He looked away after I bowed my head down.


"What's wrong Faith?.." Adeline asked a little bit worried.


I shook my head and say nothing. "I'm good!" I fake a smile.


Then after that, I feel a tall figure behind me, when Adeline turns her head around to face me, she looks at me and smirks. "I'll see you later, Mr. Louderback is a bit mean, bye!" She winked at me and left me alone.


"That's your friend?" He asked and I nodded, turning my face to him.


"Adeline, and yes, she is. She's my roommate also." I said and he nods. "So? Any other thing that you wanna say? I g-gotta catch up on my cla-.." I stopped mid sentence as he presses his lips on mine as he was holding my jaw with his soft fingertips.

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