Hustler // h. s AU

"He's like a boomerang, once you throw it away from you, it'll turn around and come back to you. And if it did came back to you, it's up to you if you managed to catch it or let it hit you, hard."


3. 03// Taken Out

Adeline Mendler



It's 7pm and it means that my job's done here. I only work from 4pm-7pm only. I changed my uniform into my light blue denim shirt and a pair do black skinny jeans and my white converse and my bag of course.


"See later Lauren." I said before exiting and she nodded. Once I stepped outside, the weather becomes a bit colder than before.


I decided to go to a grocery shop just to buy some drink. I went to the cashier and paid the total for £99. As soon as I left, the street became a bit quieter than usual.


"Hey there." A voice said right behind me.


"Umm.. Can I help you?" I asked. He didn't do anything but grabbing my hand and pinned me against the wall, his hot breath shivers me.


"W-what are you d-doing?!.." I almost screamed, I tried everything just to let myself free from him but he was way too strong, I've never been touched before and I don't want to being touched by anyone.. Until the right time.


"Shh baby, you're safe with me." He said I dropped a tear in the corner of my eyes. Please god, send me some help.


"You have exactly 5 seconds to let her go." I heard a deep voice said right in front of us.




The guy smirked and then laughed.


"I'm warning you, 3," Harry counted.




"1." The guy said and swings his hand to Harry's jaw but he ducked then Harry punched him in the stomach causing the guy to moan in pain.


Harry kept hurting him, nearly kill him I guess.


"H-Harry.. S-stop.. You want to kill him?" I asked Harry and he looked up to me with those dark eyes but soon changed into a vibrant green.


"Well, not really." Harry chuckled and I relieved by that. "Are you okay Faith?" He asked and stands up.


"I'm fine.. T-thank you.." I said and he smiled.


"I'll take you home, C'mon." He said grabbing my hand and dragged me to his black Range Rover.


"Harry.. You don't need to"


"I can't let a girl like you outside walking around at this late, do I?" He smirked which makes me uncomfortable.


"It's only 7..."


"Exactly." He said and turned on the engine. I told him the address and he nods. The whole ride was silent, I don't know what should I say and it was pretty awkward.


"Oh, you attend Oxford?" He asked and I nodded. "Looks like we're bumping each other quite often next time." He smirked again looking out of the building. Wait, so that's mean..


"I am." He answers. "Do you want me to walk you to your dorm room?"


"No thanks.. Thank you for the ride.." I said and unfastened my seatbelt.


"Goodnight love." He said with the same playful smirk. I tired I smile but I think it cracked.


I opened the car door and go straight to my dorm. How did he find me? My head asked myself.


As soon as I was at my door, I heard someone's laughing really hard. I opened the door and I saw my best friend, Adeline is laughing like there's no tomorrow.


"Oh welcome back Faith!" She said through her laugh. "It's about time you tell me your fairy tale!"she squealed and I rolled my eyes.


"What fairy tale?" I asked her and open my wardrobe taking out a peach tank top and a white sweatpants.


"Oh you know what I'm talkin' about.." She said with a smirk and I snap my eyes.


"It's not an interesting story, I couldn't even call it a 'story'." I said and hang my previous clothes with the hanger. Then she pouted.


"Ugh.. It happened when you left me." I said and she chuckled.


"I was busy okay?" She said and I didn't do anything but laugh at her words.


"So, just some random guy came up to me asking if I was lost or something, then he offered me a drink." I said and she widened her eyes.


"Continue, continue!" She squealed.


"Then, umm.." My mind replayed the time when he leans closer and kiss my cheek.


"Ooh.. Did he touch you?" She raised an eyebrow and smirks.


"Adeline!" I smacked her with the nearest pillow and she laughed.


"But seriously, did he?" She asked, a bit serious this time.


"N-no, but he umm gave something on my cheek.." I said tried to look away.


"Oh my fucking Smurfs! He KISSED you?!" She shouted.


"Adeline! You can be surprised, but don't shout!"


"Oh my God.. And I bet he's the first one.. Am I right?" She asked and I nod. "What does he look like? What's his name?"


"He's umm, tall, green eyes, brown curls and British. And his name is Harry." I said and open my English book to read.


"Oh my God! Does he attend Oxford?"


I nodded.


"OH JESUS CHRIST!" She shouted in excitement. "Gurl, you need a makeover for tomorrow!" She said opening her wardrobe.


"I'll pass.." I said without looking.


"Faith, it's heels time." She said and I rolled my eyes. "Faith.." She gave me a puppy face that I could've never resisted.


"Fine, but nothing fancy. Simple and comfortable." I said as I close my book and sit on my bed.


"Aye aye captain!" She said and I laugh. "Okay, somethin' simple and comfy... AHA! Here!" She said and take out a simple white dress, a pair of black leggings and a black cardigan. "Gurl, why didn't you tell me that you have these?!" She asked and I laughed again.


"Because that is something that I don't necessarily need to tell you." I said and take the chosen outfits from her, to be honest, I love it.


Next day


We were in the Art class, today we have to draw something from the front table in the class which were fruits. I was really good at drawing and painting, I entered a quite lot of competition for drawing or painting, and I love it. I think I can just describe my feelings into art. Kinda cheesy.


I haven't seen Harry, I thought he attend the same university as I am? That's so weird. English was my next class after art, I make my way to English with Adeline. As we got there, we both sit on our own chairs and just write down whatever the teacher is writing on the board.


About 5 minutes later, the door opens which causes me to jump a little bit. I turned my head and there he is, Harry.


"Sorry professor Fletcher, I was a bit busy." Harry said.


"That's okay, but be sure to be on time next time Mr. Styles." Professor Fletcher said. Then Harry walked over, all the girls were staring at him like he was an angel, which he doesn't.


Surprisingly, he took a seat right behind me.


"Move." Harry said to the boy who was sitting behind me.




"I said move." Harry repeated and he did.


"Mr. Styles." Professor Fletcher warned.


"Sorry professor, I just like sitting in this spot." He said looking at me which makes me uncomfortable.


After the class's is over, I pack my things and walk out. Adeline went to the cafe and I make my way to the library. But someone poked my in the shoulder.


"Hey," Harry said smiling.


"What is it?.." I said.


"Are you free tonight?" He asked, I think for a second and then nod, as simple as that. "I'll be at your door tonight." He smirked which makes me uncomfortable. He eyed my outfit and then looks up to me. "I love your dress, it fits you perfectly."


"Thanks" I said trying to be as flexible as possible, he chuckled then kiss my cheek.


"I'll see you tonight, Faith." He walked away.


God, help me.


Hello there you readers out there! :) Do you love Farry? (Faith & Harry) ; 3 Aha next chapter is coming soon! Maybe before the New Year or after idk, thank you for reading! ILYSM<3

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