Hustler // h. s AU

"He's like a boomerang, once you throw it away from you, it'll turn around and come back to you. And if it did came back to you, it's up to you if you managed to catch it or let it hit you, hard."


2. 02// He's Here

Harry Styles


"Faith.. Could you... Get me some water and medicine please?.." Adeline said, she was laying on her bed while me studying.


"Okay, wait up." I said and stand up from my chair making my way to the small table near the door to take some pills and head over to the small kitchen and pour some water. Once I got back, she had her head over the pillow.


"Here you go Adeline." I gave her the glass and two pills.


"Thank you Faith." She said then drink the water as well as the two pills together. "Did you drink last night?" She asked then lay herself down again.


"Umm.. Just a little bit.." I said, my head suddenly pops Harry's face, his pinkish lips, green eyes and brown curly curls.


"But I saw your cup, and it was still full. You know that the prices were high ya know" She chuckled and I laughed.


"Yes I know that, I'm sorry." I smiled and go back to my desk.


"So.. If you weren't drinking the beer that I got for you, but you said that you drink something.. What kind of drink?" She asked and I snap my eyes without looking at her.


"Umm.. Someone, offered me one." I said trying to be as flexible as possible. "And he paid the drink for me."


"Girl, it wasn't just someone, it was a boy." She smirked.


"Yes it was." I rolled my eyes trying to hide my smile but fail.


"Who?" She lifted her head from the pillow and lay down with her stomach, her hands were holding her jawline to support her balance. "Aww.. No fair!" She pouted and I laughed.


"There's nothing that I can tell you, after all nothing interesting happened." I said trying to change the topic.


"Ooh! That's interesting, Faith wants to change the topic." She smirked again which makes me uncomfortable.


"I have to go now, I'll see you later." I said grabbing my bag.


"Where are you going?" She asked as I out on my flats.


"To work." I said and brush my hair.


"You have a job?!" She asked, I put the brush back and rolled my eyes.


"Yes I do, what a great best friend you are." I said sarcastically and she laughed.


"Whatever, see you later!" She said and I smile.


Once I got out of our dorm, I walked out from the campus a small cafe. The weather was nice today, so it kinda safe for me to walk alone. Once I got there, I said hi to my boss, Lauren.


"Evening Lauren." I said with a smile and put on my uniform.


"Hey there sunshine!" She said with a smile. "Could please you serve table number 3 for Sarah? She's kinda busy now." She added and hands me the notepad and the menu.


"Sure thing." I took the notepad and the menu from her, I walked to table number 3 and took out my pencil from my skirt's pocket.


"May I take your order ple-"


I cut my words as I saw the same guy back at the club, Harry. His green eyes look up to me with a smile.


"Can I have a hot chocolate please?" He asked politely and I nodded writing down hot chocolate on my note.


"Anything else?.." I asked nervously.


"A glass of Faith would be great." He smirked and I know exactly what he meant by that.


I became uncomfortable once he said that, I left him there and went to the kitchen passing Lauren the note.


"Are you okay darling?" Lauren asked and I fake a smile.


"Never better!" I said and giggled.


"Now that's my girl, serve more guests gurl!" She chuckled and I joined her.


Once Lauren rings the bell as the sign that Harry's hot chocolate is ready to be served. I went tot he front desk and took Harry's order with me. Slowly walking to his table, I can see he was looking at me.


"Here's your order." I said placing down the hot chocolate on the table.


"Thank you." He said and I take the menu from his table. "So, you work here?" He asked as my hand reaches the menu.


"Yes, for about a week ago." I said and left him there enjoying his order. He seemed normal to me but I have a feeling that he doesn't.

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