Wolves of Eden

This is a story about a young female wolf named Ōkami ledor edena,
She takes over the pack from her mother when she died and had to face becoming a leader.
Yet she falls in love with eden packs greatest enemy, the son of scar pack. kakashi.


2. Okami's first hunt


    2 moons later ...

       the sun rises and the air is cold as ice, I stand up waking up slowly, I yawn walking outside to see the land cover with snow, my fur is just as white and thinks its a good time to hunt with all this snow, it would almost be like I disappeared but my bright green eyes would of given it away. I walk to the spot where teacher was sleeping and I nuzzle her. " teacher? teacher?"

teacher wakes up and glances at me." go Oakmi, I know you want to go hunting so just go!". she curled up into a ball next to her mate Balto, the head guard of Eden.

I nod and ran out from the den to the hunting parts of the land that's shared by all packs. running there as fast as I can, never felt so free. when I got close I get into my hunting passion. sniffs the ground and got the sent of elk. I see it walk near then I claw the ground feeling restless, is really excited to catch me first. it got closer then I Pounced at it and it starts running. I chase after it and bites the foot.

chases it all the way to another wolf territory without realizing it. I got it cornered and bite its neck, the elk falls down dead and I drag it back, realized was in scar pack territory and my eyes widen in fear knowing they would kill me in sight. I drag the elk faster then a black wolf comes out from the shadows. I smell the male wolf in the air and I growl.

he comes out and looks down at me " what are you doing here and who are you trespasser " he raised a brow, he had black fur as dark as the night sky and his eyes where bright gold like the coins the two legged carry. he was 2 times bigger then me and I was a small wolf.

I stare at him and shake in fear, is attracted to his charming good looks." u-um I'm Eden, wait no I'm Oakmi and I'm from Eden".

he looked at her with a serious face and wondered and he just stands his ground.'' I'm night and your in my territory''.

I look into his amazing eyes and I nod blushing, takes the elk body with me

he looked at her strange "wait? are you blushing?" he laughs a little and smiles  

I look at him and I blush darker and I pull the elk really fast and runs with it back to Eden and I fall in the den panting.

teacher walks and looks at her " hey how was it?" she pulled the elk to the food pile

I just turn and run to my ledge and jumps to it. lays down facing the wall.


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