Wolves of Eden

This is a story about a young female wolf named Ōkami ledor edena,
She takes over the pack from her mother when she died and had to face becoming a leader.
Yet she falls in love with eden packs greatest enemy, the son of scar pack. kakashi.


3. Okami's first crush


I open my eyes slowly smelling a wolf near me and I look to the side seeing Suki and my face turns into a disgusted yet tried look." what do you want Suki " I said annoyed like.

Suki nibbles on my ear and she smirks " I just want to snuggle". she snuggled up to her, she had light tan looking fur and dark golden eyes, as you can tell Suki is a perverted lesbian but. she's my only friend and her perveryness annoys me.

I blushed and shoved her off my ledge and curl up in a ball " Suki please leave me alone"

Suki outs and nuzzles me and wimpered " hey whats the matter doll". she sniffed me and wondered " hey why do you smell like a male?" she asked tilting her head

I blushe darker and I look away " n-no reason " I said sadly and stuttered

Suki stands and drags her to a pound and washes me " no no no, there is no way I would let you smell like a man and where were you did you meet someone?"

I shake the water off and my ear go down " yeah and I met someone and he's from scar pack, his name is night ".

Suki growled ". ok you cant date him because 1. he's scars son! and 2. your mine and 3. males are disgusting and horrible and not attractive".

my eyes widen and I stand up " ok 1.i didn't know that and 2 I am not and 3. your a lez wolf so of course you don't like males

Suki pouts " hmmmm ok lets go see night then". she ran out the den and I followed " no! Suki please don't!" I shouted and she ignores me hiding behind a bush. I hide with her spying on night.

night comes out of his den and yawned looking at the sky, I watch him and I blush madly.

Suki looks at me and knows that that's him and she thinks.

night walks away and I sit up and blush as he walks away, " he's gone " is still blushing and smiles.

Suki look at me " you got it bad girl ". I loo no where still dazed and giggles. Suki's eyes widen "oh no! Okami!! look out!" Suki got nervous and panicked running away. I turn around in confusion then all of the sudden a wolf jumped on me and pinned me to the ground growling," trespasser!!!" he barked and I look up at him seeing its night and my eyes widen blushing.

night tilts his head " wait your the girl from the other day, oh I'm so sorry". he blushed lightly and gets off of me.

I sit up and I look at him and I noticed he was blushing. " I'm so sorry Okami" he apologized.

my eyes widen and I blush darker and run away. he got confused ". hey wait! " he chased her and put his paw on mine and I blush darker and I gasp and I look at him. he smiles at me. amd I blink. " u-u-uh ". he smiles cute like " where do you live?" I smile back at him " I live in eden "

night nods " hmm I see. well Okami from eden, I don't want to hurt you and our packs are enemies and you are not my enemy ok? said seriously. I nod and smile " yes sir ". he smiles " be gone now " he said in a nice way and I run off jumping and smiling.

night laughs then a wolf comes out " why didn't you finish her off night?" nights eyes widen Turing his head to the wolf " t-teacher " night quickly bows down.

his teacher circles him while growling " if she comes back you kill her do you understand!! " he clawed night in the face and night yelped. " show no weakness boy " the teacher snarled and walks away.......   



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