Learning To Love

Haunted by a past of fear and pain will Nikki finally find love or fall back into old habits?


7. Chapter 7: Secrets Out

Harry POV:

I brought a tray of food in Nikki's hospital room.

"Up for some steak and beans?" I smile and set the in between the two of us.

"Always! I have a question actually two" she looked at me seriously.

"I'm all ears" I wink.

"Why don't you want to tell them about us, and when can we?" She practically pouted.

"I don't want anything coming in between us" I grab her hand.

"I love you" she smiled.

"I love you more" I kissed her nose.


Nikki had just gotten out of the hospital. And I decided to send her a text.

'Meet at the park down the street from you' I hit the send button.

'Why?' She responds but I don't.

"Hey" she says as she finds me at the park.

"Come with me" I take her hand and lead her to my car.

"So where are we going?" She smiled.

"You'll see" I replied. I pull up to a fancy restaurant get out and open Nikki's door. She stares up at me and crosses her arms.

"C'mon" I say.

"No I'm not dressed for a fancy restaurant, I'm in sweats!" She laughs.

"And you look beautiful" I grab her hand.

"Thank you but I'm not going in there in sweats" she looks at he and then looks at the store next to it which happened to be a dress shop. She smiled and said

"I'll be right back" then walked towards the shop.

"Nikki.." I complained.

After sitting for what seemed forever, Nikki came out in a beautiful short black cocktail dress and was wearing red high heels and had some kind of wallet.

"Really was the wallet really necessary?" I ask.

"It's a clutch and no, not really" she teased me.

We walked into the restaurant and got a seat on the balcony overlooking a beautiful water fountain with a starry night above.

"It's lovely Harry" she looked around then into my eyes.

"Oh. My. God. HARRY STYLES!" A waitress yelled. "Could you please sign this paper." She handed me a blank paper.

"Uh sure of corse" I take the pen she handed me.

"Thank you so much! Here have some wine!" She offered.

"Oh no thanks I'm good." I say but she fills my glass anyways then Nikki's.

"Ok then?" Nikki said confused after the waitress left.

"I have an idea, how about I pick something for you on the menu and you pick something for me?" I offer.

"That's really cute, sure" she smiled widely.


"May I take your orders?" A tall man asks.

"She'll have a fillet minion with a side salad" I tell the waiter.

"He'll have the spaghetti with a side of green beans" she says looking at me.

"Ok and drinks?"

"She'll have a martini" I laugh.

"Yeah just as soon as you'll have a vodka, I'd like an Arnold Palmer" she says to the guy.

"I think I might take you up on that vodka offer" I wink at her.

"Harry!" She whisper-yells.

"He'll have tea" she smiled her beautiful smile at the waiter.

After the waiter left I shook my head disappointed.

"You little racist" I keep shaking my head.

"Shut up you like tea, by the way good choice on my dinner"

"C'mon, you always get steak it's like a law" I tease her.

"Hey, steak is good," she defends herself.

"Yes it is. Good choice for mine by the way" I smile.

"Why thank you. But you always get either tacos or spaghetti and they don't have tacos on the menu so..."

"So you're a cheat like me?" I laugh.

"Hey, hey, it's not cheating unless its not allowed" she corrected me.

"Whatever...Cheater!" I laugh.

We finish dinner and I drive her to her flat and walk her to her door quickly kiss her and leave.

I drive to someone's house and then we drive to the same restaurant. I get out of the car and open her door.

"You look beautiful tonight Abby" I smile.

"Thank you Harry, you look shnazzy yourself." She smiles.

"I don't think that's a real word but thank you any way" I help her out of the car.


"It's beautiful Harry" she smiled at the same seen I took Nikki to.

"Almost as beautiful as you" I compliment her.

"Thanks Harry"

"Harry? Weren't you just here?" The same crazy waitress asked.

"Um no" I responded.

"Yeah you where! You where with that Nikki Wright girl. You signed a paper for me" she explained.

"Harry?" Abby sadly stared confused at me.

I didn't know what to say.

"I can't believe I trusted you! I knew something was up but I told myself it was nothing!" She stormed off as I just sat there not knowing what to do or say.

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