Learning To Love

Haunted by a past of fear and pain will Nikki finally find love or fall back into old habits?


6. Chapter 6: Coming Back To The Truth

Nikki POV:

I wake up to bright lights in my eyes blinding me. I see it dark figure in the corner of the room, I can't tell who it is but whoever it looks familiar. The lights hurt so I close my eyes again. The figure starts to talk.

"Nikki, I'm sorry I never meant anything I said that day. The doctors say you might not recover but I know you will, please Nikki don't leave me!" It whispered. "I should have swam faster before the currents got you before we were miles downstream! If anyone should die it should be me! Nikki I love you, don't leave me! I've never loved someone the way I love! Hell I've never even told a girl that I loved her! Please Nikki " It cried.

"Zayn" I tried to say but no sound came out, I couldn't even tell if I had moved my mouth. He went on... Finally he just sat on my bed and grabbed my hand. I shed a tear which Zayn saw, he then kissed my cheek.

"Mr. Malik you aren't supposed to leave you're room! Do you want to die?!" A voice boomed.

"If she dies" he replied "and my name is Zayn!"

"This way Mr. Malik" it said softer.

"I'm Zayn! Goodnight, Nikki" he kissed my cheek again.

Abby POV:

Nikki had been in the hospital for almost a week now and hasn't shown any sign of getting better. The doctors don't think she's getting better. Nothing could be worse this week. Just yesterday I found out my boyfriend, Tyler, was cheating on me with some girl we went to high school with before we graduated a couple months ago. By the way that is not a challenge universe. I don't need you to make my life any worse. The ONLY good thing is that Zayn has pretty much fully recovered.

Nikki POV:

Visiting hours are now open. The intercom sounded. Seconds later people rushed into my room.

"Zayn? You aren't supposed to be in here!" Parker's voice said.

"Please don't say I'm here!" He begged.

"How's she doing?" Liam's voice came next.

"Is she okay?" Harry's voice sounded worried then grabbing my hand.

Who all is in here? I thought to my self.

"Hey" I tried to say but yet again failed.

A hand touched me "hey Hun," it said... Was that Eleanor?

"It's ok El" Louis said. "The doctors are wrong, she'll be ok."

"Ni, come here" Parker said.

Was everybody in here? Already I've heard Parker, Zayn, Liam, Harry, Eleanor, Louis, Niall, the only person left was Abby.

"Sorry I'm late guys!"

...and there she is. 'Damn I'm popular!' I think to myself. Wait...yes! I can finally move my head I can get their attention by smashing my head onto the pillow... Ow! Fuck! Damn my head hurts! Why was I even in the hospital? What had happened? Did I hit my head? Everyone gathered around my bed like a big deal. Apparently I let out a squeak from the pain! Yes does that mean I can talk finally? You have no idea how much I have to say after so long of being quiet!!!

I squint my eyes open and look around my bed, I watch Zayn and he smiles. I close my eyes and I try to squeeze a couple more words out...

"Who are you guys?" I say planning yet another joke. All of their faces look like they've lost all hope.

"Nikki, please say you remember us!" Abby looked deeply at me.

"I mean I obviously know Parker and Liam but I've never met any of you others" I say and Parker immediately get its a joke and then quietly explains it to Liam.

"Nikki!" Harry grabbed my hand.

"Don't touch me! Creep I've never meet you!" I dramatically pulled my hand away.

"Fuck!" Zayn walked away pissed to the wall. He made a fist and started to punch the wall but stopped before he touched it.

"Zayn!" I yelled thinking he was gonna punch the wall. All eyes glared at me. Parker and Liam started cracking up.

"Shit! I blew that one pretty quick!" I say then start laughing.

"You two where in on this?!" Harry almost yelled at Liam and Parker.

"Duh" Parker laughed.

"You should've seen your faces!" Liam said almost crying from laughter.

"Fuck you guys" Louis started to laugh.

"I can't believe you" Zayn smiled.

"Yeah, I'm just obviously gifted at acting" I joked. I looked closer at Zayn.

"Zayn"...he smiled..."why the hell are you in a dress?" I joke with him. "And what happened to your face? You look like crap!" I continue.

"Like you look much better" he laughs.

"I'm sure I don't!" I reply. "So what happened?"

"You don't remember?" Liam stared.

"I remember falling, then a sharp pain, trying to get back up" I say.

"Wait trying to get back up? It wasn't that deep of water"

"Ya but my ankle got caught on something"

"Then how did you get untangled?"

"I didn't, didn't one of you untangle me?"

"No, we found you floating downstream"

"Wait, Nikki this might hurt a little" Zayn said carefully, "I'm gonna role up your jeans, which ankle was it?"

"The right one"

"Oh, guys..."

"Is that a hand"

"Wait what's going on?" I say scared.

"You have a bruise the shape of a hand"

"Oh my god! Someone tried to kill me!"

"Nikki what exactly did you trip over?"

"Well now that I think about it, it was more of a tug like someone gentle pulling me towards the edge, then I lost my balance and fell"

"Hate to say this but Nikki you should be dead right now... why would the person let go?"

"...because...because I kicked him, I kicked his face before I went unconscious."

"It was a guy?"


"Who?" Any guys that don't like you?"


"Nikki, who?"

"No one!"

"Nikki tell me!"

"Nikki please tell us" Harry said

"He lives in America and he doesn't hate me that much..."

"What's his name?!"

"No one don't worry!"









"John who"


"Why does he hate you?"

"We dated, I broke up with him, he took it worse than most guys...like really bad"

"When can I go home?" I asked the nurse that walked in.

"Your awake? Well typically we have you stay at least a week before we send you home. Which is why Mr. Malik needs to stay in his room have you seen him this is usually where he ends up" she said as Zayn creeped under my bed.

"If I were him I would be in the cafeteria, why don't you go check" Niall laughed after she left.

"My. Name. Is. Zayyynnn!" Zayn said looking genuinely mad.

"Why does it upset you so much that she calls you Mr. Malik?" I look at him.

"Cause I'm only twenty not fifty! I'm not a Mr. 'Sides she's probably older than me!" He made a good point.

"Well close call" I giggled.

"Talk about" Zayn got out again

"So Zayn, what happened to you, like I don't remember anything that happened after I blacked out."

"Uh, I jumped in the water, then tried to find you, Liam pointed out your body floating down the river. Then I swam after you, Liam jumped in, we tried to get to you before the rapids, uh, we didn't, I finally grabbed you and that's all I remember" Zayn explained.

"After that, Zayn got sucked under water along with you, we couldn't find you guys forever! Then they made me go home" Liam continued the story.

Parker now got her turn as story teller "uh we looked for you two for about five more hours it got dark and we found you two banked under the bridge. It was horrible we thought you were dead and Zayn was just staring at you and it was creepy because he looked like he wasn't here like on earth. Basically it looked like his heart had died but his brain was still working"

"Really?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah" Parker replied.

"We have to go, I'm so sorry," Eleanor said grabbing Louis's hand.

"It's fine bye guys"

"Us too" Parker said grabbing Niall

"Wait did I miss something, are you two together?" I asked confused.

"Ya" Niall kissed Parker on the cheek.

"Oh my god! Text me bout it later Parker!" I yelled.

"Ok" she said waving good bye.

"Liam I need to talk to you and Harry outside" Abby said after getting a stare from Zayn.

"What was that about"

"What" Zayn asked

"Why did you make them leave?" I persisted.

"I need to talk to you," Zayn said shyly.


"Nikki I love you, I'm not afraid to say it, please give me a chance" he begged.

"Look Zayn I love you too..." I hesitated "but only as a friend"

"You know that you feel more than that for me please,"



"N-O, NO!"

"Fine! But don't come crying to me because some asshole broke your heart!" Zayn stormed off with tears in his eyes.

"Trust me, he's a lot less of an ass than you!" I yelled regretting it immediately.

"Wait...there's a 'he'...your dating someone?!?" Zayn turned around.

"No! But if there was... Look Zayn I didn't mean it!" I apologized

"Yeah you did! Now leave me alone!" He actually shed a tear which ripped out my heart to think I caused it.

Harry snuck in "What was that about?"

"Zayn asked me out again, can he take a hint?!? I hate hurting him!" I sighed.

"He'll get over it some day...maybe" Harry laughed

"What do you mean maybe?" I asked.

"I mean I wouldn't if I were Zayn" Harry kissed my cheek.

"Ya but we're dating, Zayn has no reason to!"

"Yes he does! Your beautiful, kind, smart!" Harry smiled.

"Thanks babe" I smiled back.

"Of corse love" Harry and I talked for a while.

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