Being the sister of niall horan

Hey guys my name is Priscilla Horan yes I know the sister of Niall Horan well let's just say i have a crush on one of his mates


14. sleepover part1

Harry's pov as I went to my room I went to go cry I just can't belive her she knew I loved her but I miss her so much now i was about to go to lay on my bed until I got a call I checked the caller idea and it said priscilla😘 i slide the green line and answerd

Priscilla:hey Harry. Harry:yea Priscilla:well can you and the rest of the lads plz come over and sleepover and don't worry I have spare rooms

Harry:alright be there in about 30 min with the lads bye. Priscilla:ok bye love you.

Harry's pov

Omg did she say love you she probaly didn't mean it I went to knock in the boys door and said what I was told and went to get ready and of Katie was there I have a plan to get Priscilla to like me and love me again flirt with Katie

30min later

Priscilla's Pov

I went to go get the snacks ready and the food but Niall ate most of the food and the drinks then I heard a ding dong and went to open the door and saw the boys. Hey i said hey they said back

Harry's pov

I actually brought a guess do I mind I asked no not a problem Priscilla said any way I brought my girlfriend well my fake one anyway she knows but hopefully she doesn't take it to far

Priscilla's pov

I hope harry didn't bring a girl that would jaut make me mad but I won't show it because I actually got a reall boyfriend his name is daniel.

Priscilla: I have a surprise The boys: what is it. Priscilla: well when I orderd my drink at Jumba juice I found my ex boyfriend jake now we are dating Niall: DANIEL!

OMG PLZ TELL ME HES COMING. Priscilla:of course but u can't steal him from me ok. Zayn:lol I remember we were all best friends.

Harry's pov

I remover danielI hated him but kinda was happy he used to date Priscilla but they had to break up because she was moving and I hated him because she wasn't mine but happy because she was happy

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