Being the sister of niall horan

Hey guys my name is Priscilla Horan yes I know the sister of Niall Horan well let's just say i have a crush on one of his mates


4. going to nialls house

As I got to nialls house I pressed the door knob and Carl opens the door hi can I talk to to privately I said yea sure he said well ok sorry but dumping you I said I saw tears in his eyes but they never fell. Well if that's what you want he said yes I said ok bye then he said I didn't want to get tears so I tried so hard cause I had mascara on and then I went to go find Niall when I found Niall I saw him eating lol not surprising we both eat a lot and don't gain weigh well him because it him and me because I play sports I dance I sing but not in public I do gymnastics that's probally why

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