Folie A Duex

I know. This would sound so weird coming from me. But I really like her. But she's with.. him. But I really love the way her hair fits into a bun perfectly, the way she walks. She's so beautiful. And the way her lips are pure and full. Her eyes were a beautiful light golden brown. She's the most perfect supernatural that I've ever met.

Folie was Mckenzie's close friend. Yes I mean she 'was'. Folie has always had a little crush on Mckenzie but never thought it was a strong crush to really actually date her. Well that's until the boy comes into the story. Louis Tomlinson. Folie got jealous. Real jealous. Folie realized how jealous she got. (Yes Folie is a girl). Soon she met a friend of her own. Liam Payne. Folie doesn't realize how bad Liam is falling for her because she's head over heels in love with Mckenzie. How long will the act fed up before Folie tells Mckenzie how she feels? Or how long will it take for Liam to confess his love for her?
(I know this is really different)


2. Oh My

I grabbed Liam's arm. "You can't possibly think of doing this can you?!!!???!!"I asked. He nodded. "Harry can't think he's the kind of the high school."He spat and let go of me. He got up to Harry. "You really want to do this Payne?"He asked. Liam nodded and Harry made the first swing. Liam dodged it and punched Harry's chest and Harry winced in pain. He kicked Liam's leg and he fell down and Harry pounced on him punching him in the face. Liam pushed him off and gained control holding him down and punched him in the jaw. Liam spit in his face and Harry tried to pull Liam off him but Liam wouldn't budge. Harry tapped out and Liam got off him. Harry got up and looked at Liam. "You spit in my mouth."He said. "Good. Now, who's next?"He asked looking at Zayn and Louis. They shook their heads taking steps back. "Harry you're not the king of high school and it's about time you've realized that. Leave everyone alone. I'm sure a lot of these people would pay to see me beat your ass again."Liam spat and grabbed his shirt pulling it back over his body. I just sat there like an idiot. "There he can't bother you now."Liam smiled. I smiled back and walked back inside. 

It was lunch hour. I was sitting with Gerard, Pete, Franny and Mckenzie. Mckenzie like I said was the new girl here. We just started talking more and I was really interested about her life. Her dad owned my favorite bowling alley, and her mom sold houses. She was into music and was pretty good at acoustic. Like I said. She's very interesting. Her hair was dark brown as mine was blonde and she had dark blue eyes as mine were green. "So Folie, we should hang out today!"Mckenzie smiled. I nodded. "Yea of course! You could come over to my house. It's quite roomy."I smiled. She smiled back exposing her dimples which were so cute! The lady blew the whistle and people started getting up to get their lunch. I always waited until the line got shorter before I went up. Sometimes I didn't even eat. I waited until the line got shorter before I went to get my lunch. I spotted Nicola a couple places in front of me. "Nicola!"I called. She turned around and smiled. "Hey Folie."She smiled waving to me. She left her spot and cut back to stand with me. "Make any friends yet?"I asked. "Yea I made a couple."She said. "Well if you want you can sit with me and my friends."I insisted. "Yeah sure, I'd love to."She smiled. We both grabbed trays and I filled it with a bagel, an orange, a soda, and a little bowl of salad on the side. I grabbed a fork and Nicola followed me back to my table. "Hey guys you don't mind another person sitting with us do you?"I asked. "Nah we don't mind. Join the party."Gerard said. Nicola smiled and sat down. "So what's your name?"Pete asked. "Nicola Payne."She said. "Oh cool, mine's Pete."Pete said putting out his hand which she gladly shook. "Hey guys does anyone have an orange?"Mckenzie asked walking over. "Here take mine."I said giving it to her. "Thanks."She said and sat down. "Hey aren't you in my science class?"Mckenzie asked Nicola. She nodded. "Nicola right?"She asked again. Nicola smiled and nodded taking a bite of her pizza. 

Mckenzie followed me out to the buses. "My dad usually picks me up."She said. "Yea I usually take the bus."I said. Mckenzie got on with me and gave the driver her pass. She followed me to the way back and she sat on the inside of the seat. I sat on the outside. "How long will we be on?"Mckenzie asked. "Not long I'm like the 3rd one off."I said. She nodded and looked out the window as we drove past the trees. The bus came to a halt and the 1st kid got off. It was about 10 minutes before the bus reached my house. It came to a halt and Niall of course got off the bus first. Mckenzie and I stood up and walked off the bus. There was a black Audi in our driveway. "Uh Niall, who's this?"I asked. "Oh I don't know."He said. We walked to the front door and Niall made sure the door was locked before he put the key in. "Hey it's unlocked."He said. "Maybe mom or dad came home early."I said. "No it's whoever owns that Audi."Niall said. He opened the door and there sat the 3 pussies from last night. Harry,Louis and Zayn. "Oh my god what the fuck are you three doing here?!"I asked getting pissed. "Just came to have a word with Niall."Harry smirked and went over to Niall grabbing him by his football jersey collar and dragging him out to the backyard. Not another fight! I followed them out. "Harry just leave him alone!"I protested. "hmm let me think, No!"He yelled and threw Niall to the ground. I couldn't let him hurt my brother. So I ran over there and grabbed Harry by his neck and pulled him back. He threw me off him and pushed me down then went back to Niall. This wasn't going to go well.

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