(This is my very first movella fan fiction so please be respectful)
Mayci never would have thought that she would be in this situation before, she had everything she had ever wanted in life and then in a blink of an eye it was taken away by.........One Direction.


1. What is happening?

I am the real Mayci Hayns...and i...ive been abused,raped,and attempted to be murdered before,but nothing is as bad as everything being taken away from u in a blink of an eye, i had a perfect life, a nice house,plenty of food, fresh running water,clothes, parents that love u...but something happend one day i was at my computer desk and i heard the front door slam as i jumped and ran out through my door and down my stairs and almost fell. " MOM?DAD? ARE U OK?!" i yelled as i flew down the long stair case. But all i saw when i reached the bottom of the stairs was my mom on the floor...dead. i looked at my father holding a bloody knife in his hands and screamed in horror. i ran for the phone to call the police but i was soon pulled back by my father...he grabbed me and yanked my by my hair up the long staircase and we reached my bedroom, he kicked the door off of its hinges and threw me on my bed, yes literally threw me, and my back screamed in pain. "What the hell are you doing!!" i yelled. "Shut up or you will end up like your mother...dead!" he screamed back at me as i lay on my bed. He searched for belts and handcuffs, he found 4 hand cuffs and 4 belts and he grabbed my left foot and seccured it to my bedpost as i kicked and screamed, he eventually seccured my other foot and my left hand. As i kicked and screamed he slapped me and yelled, "Shut up you dumb whore!".

What is he going to do to me? i thought and became scared...

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