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1. The Days Gone By


The sound of my stupid phone woke me up. I hate to wake up to a day full of work, but the good thing is, is that I work at a ice cream place. I should properly introduce myself, my name is Bethany Pit if you think I am related to Brad Pit you are so wrong( I wish I was though). My parents both died in a crash when I was 15 that was 4 years ago and I live with my best friend her name is Robin. Right now she is at a Katy perry concert with her boyfriend, who knows what there doin.

26 min later

I am on my way to to work right now. As I walk in to the ice cream shop I hear my name being shouted I should probably say that i am not the best employee. I walk into his office and he gives me a check. I look at it and start freaking out!! I was at the bank and I waited in line forever when I finally got up to the front of the line and gave the lady my check. She deposits it and I wait to get my money. Just as I got my money 5 hot men walked in with guns. They told everybody to get on the floor. The curly haired one told everybody to give him our money, he smirked at me and said,"what is you're name gorgeous?"when I didn't respond I felt a hand hit my face. "I asked you a question and I expect an answer!" I said," why don't you just fuck off." He looks taken aback then he punches me this time harder. One of the boys looks at the curly haired one and said," Harry stop." I look at him and say," now I know you're name sweetheart." I smirk at him

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