All That Matters

17 year old Nicole-Garcia Colace is going to a new school. Her foster brother and sister Daniel and Brianna, are both popular. Nicole falls for a her brother's friend named Justin Bieber. Little does Nicole know; Justin doesn't feel the same and only is trying to win a bet. Will Nicole find out? Will she stay with Justin?


296. How did it go?

“Are you seriously going to keep acting like this? I'm trying to talk to you.I'm apologizing for something I'm innocent of! So, if you don't forgive me, then I guess that's it. I like you a lot Elizabeth and I don't want to let some stupid girl ruin our relationship”
Elizabeth didn't say anything. She had no sympathy or expression in her face.
“So, I guess you're just going to hold this in and be mad at me for no reason. Ha, I just find it funny that you're so quick to be mad at me and not forgive me, but the moment that Chase cheats on you, you're so quick to forgive him and then you didn't even believe me when I told you the truth. But, that's fine have it your way!” I said before leaving Elizabeth's house and going back home.
“How did it go?” My mom asked.
“Great!” I said sarcastically.
“She didn't forgive you?” My dad asked.
“I'm not surprised. When girls are in these types of situations they tend to be very obdurate.”
“Hey!” My mom said softly hitting my dad.
“It's true!” My dad said.
“Well, I tried, so that's all I can do” I said.
Nicole's POV

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