All That Matters

17 year old Nicole-Garcia Colace is going to a new school. Her foster brother and sister Daniel and Brianna, are both popular. Nicole falls for a her brother's friend named Justin Bieber. Little does Nicole know; Justin doesn't feel the same and only is trying to win a bet. Will Nicole find out? Will she stay with Justin?


208. Don't be rude!

They both went to go wash their hands. I made their plates and gave it to them. I made me a cup of coffee.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Who the hell got past our gates?

“I’ll get it” Justin Jr said while going to the door.

I slowly followed him around.

“Who is it?” I asked.

I didn’t get a response from Justin Jr. He was just standing at the door. I looked to see who was there and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I put my hand over my mouth.

“Justin” I gasped.

“Hey” Justin said with a big smile.

I ran and gave him a hug. I know that’s weird, but seeing him just gave me a different feeling. I just couldn’t believe it. He squeezed me tighter before letting me go. Justin Jr was still standing there without saying a word.

“Hey, don’t be rude” I said while softly hitting Justin Jr’s arm.

“Dad?” Justin Jr asked.

“Hey son!” Justin said while holding his arms out for a hug.

Justin Jr immediately gave him a big hug. Seeing this made me regret everything!

“I’m sorry I couldn’t see you after all these years” Justin said to Justin Jr.

“No, I’m sorry. It’s my entire fault he wasn’t here for you. I should’ve been a better mother and let you see him.” I said.

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