Oh by the way... I'm Demi

I really hate life. My parents are both seriously annoying and i actually love my step dads ex wife Brenda more than his current one. That she beast I am ashamed to call my mother. Oh and by the way.. I'm Demi.


18. Stuck

"Jordan!"I called. He smiled and started walking towards me. "Hey girl!" He had his arm around me. I shook it off. "It's alright Demi, me and Ryder are cool now." He told me. I smiled. But it still didnt feel right. "Anyways are you coming to that party over at Lukes place?" I asked him. "Ahh course I am!" He replied enthusiastically. He seemed so happy. It made me happy too. "Can you do me a small favour?" I asked as I dragged him into another supply closet. We were close all over again and my heart was just popping out of my chest. "Erm anyways.. I was wondering about Ladashia." I told him. I was loosing my breath just by being so close to him. He put his arm up over me and had me pressed against the door. "What about her?" He whispered seductively. "Does she hate me?" I asked him. He started to smile. "No she doesnt hate you. Who do you think asked me to make sure you didnt get hurt by Ryder?" "She did that?" I asked, somewhat touched by this. He nodded. "Shes an amazing girl that Ladashia." He told me. "Yh i know and I owe her a humungous apology. Do me a favour and invite her to that party okay?" I asked him. He agreed. "So... Are you and Ladashia like going out now?" I asked him with my arms wrapped around myself. He started to smile again. That same stupid smile and then he leaned forwards and kissed me. I instantly transformed into jelly. He had his arms around me and before I knew it was just like that other time in the storage room. I pushed him away. "No Jordan, I have a boyfriend." I said as he kissed me again. "Are you and Ladashia dating Jordan?" I asked,pushing him away. I had finally learned to control myself. Which didnt last long cuz he started to kiss me again and i couldnt find the strength to stop him again. Until we heard someone outside the door. We instantly dived behind the mops and brooms as we heard lenny the cleaner walk in. I was even closer to Jordan than before. I turned around to face him and found myself kissing him yet again. What was wrong with me? I loved Ryder. And Jordan. But mostly Ryder.... And Jordan. Lenny walked back out again. This time locking the door. "Oh no Jordan we have to get out of here!" I started to panick. He seemed pretty cool about it though. "Jordan we have geography next and if we're both missing then people are gonna assume that we're-" "That we're what? Doing this?" He interrupted and then started kissing me again. This time I slapped him. He stumbled back a bit. "Omg Jordan I am so sorry!" I exclaimed. He rubbed his cheek and started wiggling his jaw. "Fuckin hell man!" He looked angry. But his face straightened and he started laughing. I was so confused. It was nearly the end of lunch. And we were still stuck. I was leaning against Jordan, tired of trying and failing to get out. "Jordan.."I started. He looked at me. "Demi..." He answered mockingly. "Why do you keep doing this?" I asked. He put his arm around me. "Doing what?" He asked innocently. "That. You kiss me instead of answering my questions and you act like were dating when were not. Im dating Ryder." I looked up at him. "You always kiss me back." He had a cheeky smile on his face. I smacked him, demanding a proper answer. He sighed and said, "Because I know you love me Demi yet your dating Ryder." "Do you love me back?" I asked, taking him by surprise. He leant forward to kiss me again but i stopped him. "No Jordan. Do you love me back?" I suddenly sat up and looked at him. He was silent. I stood up and started to walk away from him when he said, "Yes." I sat back down and then kissed him. It was passionate and sparks were flying everywhere. I hugged him. "Oh Jordan." I smiled. "Oh no." All the sparks stopped as I snapped back to reality. "Whats wrong?" He asked me. "Ryder." Jordan nodded his head. "Yh.. He'd hate me forever." He agreed. "But I love Ryder too." I admitted. "Demi you cant love two people at once." He told me. "I know. Lets just cool it off for a while okay?" I asked him. "We might not feel the same if we wait too long." He said. "Well then I wouldnt have broken up with Ryder for a short relationship then would I?" He started kissing me again 

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